Help Elect Tim Goodall in Headingley and Hyde Park

by GALBA in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Help Elect Tim Goodall in Headingley and Hyde Park
We did it
On 15th March 2020 we successfully raised £275 with 9 supporters in 42 days

Our aim is to get Tim Goodall elected as councillor for Headingley and Hyde Park Ward in Leeds.

by GALBA in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Local elections will take place in Leeds on Thursday 7th May 2020.  This gives us a fantastic opportunity to get Green Party councillors elected to Leeds City Council, but we can only do that with your help.  

Greens Can Win Here

We have proved, in Farnley and Wortley ward, that we can get Green Councillors elected and we're second place in many other wards, including Headingley and Hyde Park, where we are the only viable alternative to the ruling Labour group. You don't have to vote Labour here to keep the Conservatives out, as the Tories got less than 5% of the vote, compared with 27.9% voting Green for Tim in 2019.

While other political parties are funded by wealthy corporate donors and unions, the Green Party is different.  We're a grassroots, people-powered party funded by thousands of people chipping in donations of £10, £50 and £100. 

  • £15 buys us 350 leaflets
  • £40 is enough for 100 A3 posters
  • £100 allows us to send a personal letter to a large number of residents in the ward

Why do we need more Green councillors in Leeds?

Green Councillors are a voice for the community.  They put the electorate before the party and make the hard decisions that will benefit everyone.  No other party is willing to put our environment first.  Leeds urgently needs an integrated transport system and hugely improved infrastructure for cycling and walking, enabling drivers to get out of their cars and using alternative forms of transport. In Headingley and Hyde Park, we need to improve the system for rubbish and recycling and we need to find ways to make rogue landlords take more care of their properties.  


If you make a donation in excess of £500, we will need to identify you to the Electoral Commission or we will have to return your donation. If you are wanting to make a donation of this size, please email first. Donations can only be made by individuals on a UK electoral register. Thank you. 

Promoted by Chris Foren on behalf of Headingley Green Party, both at 21 Hollin Drive, Leeds.  LS16 5NE.

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