Help Elect Bexhill & Battle's First Green MP

Help Elect Bexhill & Battle's First Green MP

Support the Green Party in Bexhill and Battle

We did it!

On 6th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £850 of £800 target with 28 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We hope to hold public meetings and support candidates in future local elections. Any extra money raised will go into the Rother Greens' account to pay for venue hire and leaflets.

I’m Jonathan Kent and I am standing as the Green Party candidate for Bexhill and Battle. I am standing for Parliament because when I look around the constituency I grew up in I see people unable to afford a home in the place they call home; unable to find a job that pays enough to live with dignity; worried about the future of the NHS, for their children’s education, for their family’s future.

Yet almost no one in government has ever had to worry where their next £20 is coming from. We have a political class that’s worked in Westminster since leaving university and is almost wholly detached from real life as the rest of us know it. The Green Party is the only party left in the UK with a positive agenda for change. Only the Green Party promises to deliver:

  • A £10/hour minimum Living Wage by 2020
  • A Wealth Tax on the richest 1% to pay for genuinely affordable housing
  • Public ownership of the railways
  • Free university education and equal support for vocational training
  • 100% renewable energy

This election promises to be the most open in a generation and the Green Party is really starting to make waves. Evidence has shown that when people vote for policies alone, the Greens are the most popular party in the country. The problem is big money, big media and the established parties want to make sure the Green Party are ignored. The BBC recently had to apologise for ignoring us, pollsters have been excluding us from their headline results (despite the fact that we consistently receive more support than the Lib Dems). Ofcom recently refused to give the party ‘major party status’ – despite awarding this status to UKIP. This means less coverage and less exposure for the only party challenging the status quo with a progressive alternative. Thousands of people have voted with their feet and joined the Greens – we now have more members in England, Wales and Scotland than either UKIP or the Lib Dems. It’s been astonishing.

But we don’t have millionaire backers. We’re not supported by corporate elites. We don’t want them because we believe, in a democracy, political parties and politicians should answer to voters not rich paymasters. But that means we don’t have the resources of the other major parties. That’s why we’re turning to regular people, people like you and me, to help make sure we all have a voice at the upcoming General Election. We are seeking to raise the funds to pay for the £500 deposit required to stand for parliament, and for a further £800 needed to send one leaflet to each home in the constituency. For £1300, we can ensure the Greens have a voice in our constituency. If you feel that you can support us, please donate and make sure this election is one we can all be proud of!

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