Help elect an Independent MP in Cheltenham

Help elect an Independent MP in Cheltenham

Please help me to raise funds to enable every voter in Cheltenham to hear my vision for our town and nation at the 2015 General Election

We did it!

On 16th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £2,000 of £2,000 target with 12 supporters in 14 days

Project aim

Please help me to raise funds to enable every voter in Cheltenham to hear my vision for our town and nation at the 2015 General Election. I'm also looking to build a bigger team of volunteers to help with campaigning.

About the project

My name is Richard Lupson-Darnell and I'm standing as an Independent candidate in Cheltenham at the 2015 General Election. I've been out and about on my soap box (actually a beer crate) and what I am hearing over and over again is a hunger not only for engagement but for a change in our politics and the people representing us.

You can read more about what I am standing for and my views on various issues at The essence of my campaign is that for too long our Government has had its head looking in the wrong direction. That direction has been corporate vested interest, big business and the City of London. Well enough is enough! We need our Government to turn its head around and face us, the people, the only vested interest that it should ever be listening to. We need to grab our Government back from those few who seek to control it.

I am asking for your help to enable me to spread my message so that all voters in Cheltenham are aware of my vision for our town and our nation. As an Independent I do not come with a party machine behind me. That is a huge blessing in many ways as it is our party system which I am, in part, campaigning against. But of course what a party does bring is people and of course funding.

So, there are two ways in which I'd like you to consider helping me; one is financially; the other is with practical help. 

As a candidate I will get one free mailing to each voter in Cheltenham. However, I need to provide what goes into that mailing. In order for one leaflet to be delivered to every houshold in Cheltenham, I need to print roughly 40,000 copies. This will cost in the order of £1,125. In addition I would like to be able to have an additional 10,000 leaflets to hand out to people as I am campaiging. The total cost of 50,000 leaflets is £1,295.

As well as leaflets, I need to provide posters and boards for people to display in their houses and front gardens. The remaining funds would be used to enable me to hire venues for public events.

Of course it would be a huge blessing to my campaign to be able to raise in excess of this target, enabling us to do more deliveries, hold more events and reach more people. Please share this with anyone you know who believes our nation can have a better future than our current leaders have the vision for.

In addition to finances, I do need practical help. You can sign up here to agree to display a poster or put up a board, as well as take part in leaflet drops and standing with me handing out leaflets in town as I take to my soap box.

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