by Fay Easton in Wellington, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 15th June 2017 we successfully raised £1,500 with 40 supporters in 42 days

To fund costs of 2017 General Election Campaign in THE WREKIN for an Independent Candidate PUTTING POWER IN YOUR HANDS & LIFE IN YOUR TOWNS

by Fay Easton in Wellington, England, United Kingdom


This Crowdfunder Appeal is to help me communicate with prospective voters in The Wrekin constituency.   I am standing as an Independent Candidate and looking to raise funds to produce Information Cards for delivery to every household in The Wrekin, outlining what I will do if elected.   I am cutting my costs to the bone as I am totally Independent, unsupported by any political party and need to print 45,000 information cards.

"I am campaigning in this General Election to put economic life back into local towns. I will work to secure more local investment & jobs, create new start-ups and improve  career opportunities for young people.  I will scale up the activity I've been involved with over the past two decades to boost local entrepreneurship, retail, independent business and town centre revival.  What can we take to Westminster?  The streetview & the people perspective.  The woes of this nation will not be fixed in isolation from the UK's extraordinary hard working people.  If elected, I'll help do all this with the power of the people alongside."

The Snap Election 2017

As Brenda from Bristol said "Not Another one? I can't honestly stand this!" And to be honest that's what I was thinking and even contemplating switching off and not voting.  

Until the light went on and I thought that this Election could be the perfect time to stand up for improvements to life, businesses & homes in the area where I have worked for years;  and in a constituency where the last female MP was elected 88 years ago.

What are local people worried about?  

Broken towns, unemployment & healthcare. The fixes need local people and local attention but also connections to public funders and the policy & strategy makers.

The Wrekin

The Wrekin constituency is in the east of Shropshire made up of five large towns  & a dozen villages with over  70,000 people living here.  Most of our rural areas, towns and villages are suffering the effects of the same economic and social decline that is prevalent across much of the UK, outside London.

In this area, during the past fifty years at the fringes of 'New Town' development, the financial power of Telford has not converted to better lives for locals.  Health gaps, joblessness and broken towns surround the shopping centre & business parks and many of the market towns suffer from a fifty year cycle of decline.

Local towns are in decline and feelings of helplessness and dismay abound.   The closure of independent shops, lack of investment into infrastructure, ever-increasing investments out of town and the slow death of the 'high street' leaves gaps of between 10% and 20% in our market town environs. Local markets are declining, rural pubs are closing at the rate of one a day and the flight of our young people to the cities for career opportunities deprives local areas of their talent and presence. 

Since 2001 I have worked in town & place regeneration and have seen what can be achieved with local people & local councils working together committed to rebuilding towns and communities.  And while together we have made great strides, I have also seen that the long hours, hard work, dedication to the cause and all the community energy in the world just isn't enough.  A place at the decision-tables with the power-brokers is very much needed and if elected by the voters of The Wrekin, I promise to take work for our local towns into the next league.

A General Election looms and my message for the people of The Wrekin is that we have a chance to take some local control and see visible differences on the ground.

Fay Easton #FE2017 in #GE2017

"Many local people, including me, feel disenfranchised.  We feel left behind in the current political structure.  Partisan politics only serves to divide us.  If you elect me as your Independent MP I will be free of the commitments to a Political Party and therefore all my energies will be invested into working exclusively for The People of The Wrekin

My 'pitch' won't appeal to everyone but it comes from the heart and with a promise of tireless efforts to put 'Power in Your Hands & Life in Your Towns'.  

Together we can bring revival  to the towns and villages and wealth & health to the people of The Wrekin.  

By helping fund my campaign, you'll help me get that message out far and wide.

Thankyou for your support.

Fay Easton

Vote #FE2017  #GE2017

Fay Easton

I am an entrepreneur with a firm belief that good business can revive communities.  My education and working lifetime spent in Shropshire.   My family happily brought up here and my work & entrepreneurial background includes launching and operating five restaurant businesses in the county, four years as Shrewsbury Town Centre Manager & the past twelve years working with hundreds of new start-ups, launching business hubs and tackling problems of unemployment, declining local economies and town centres.   Over the past two years working in Wellington with the most amazing people so determined to rebuild their town, have worked with Businesses, The Market Company & Councils  and we have brought new independents to town, occupied redundant buildings, increased footfall and spend and yet we still need vital top down interventions to trigger the really big changes.   Remain with unshakeable belief in the ability of local people to help rebuild towns & communities #PeoplePower.

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