Help elect a Green MP in Guildford!

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We need your help to raise funds for the general election deposit and printing a leaflet for the Green Party campaign in Guildford, Surrey.

We did it!

On 17th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £510 of £500 target with 21 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Any overfunding above £1100 will be used for further advertising such as leaflets and badges. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Project aim

We're raising funds to help pay for the campaign to get a Green MP elected in Guildford. John Pletts is an excellent candidate but we have to cover the costs of the deposit and campaign. Help us give people in Guildford constituency a real choice at the general election on 7th May 2015!

About John Pletts

John is a retired architect who has designed and worked on energy-efficient buildings across the world. He is married with two children. John has been a member of the Green Party nationally and locally for many years, and outside of his work for the Green Party, enjoys art, history and cycling.

John decided to stand for the general elections for a variety of reasons, both environmental and social;

  • to combat the recent rise of austerity economics with inequality reaching record levels across the country and in Guildford
  • to support the transition to a greener, fairer and more sustainable society
  • to protect the Green Belt from unscrupulous developers, and the flooding that excess development and poor planning causes
  • to tackle the worsening traffic in Guildford and nationally through the funding and promotion of public transport, walking and cycling
  • to defend the NHS, schools and public services for privatisation, and reverse the monetisation of education which has hit students hard

Why we need your help

John is a superb candidate but elections are expensive, and unlike the other main parties, the Greens are not backed by corporate donors and multimillionaires - we rely on people like you.

We are looking to raise £1,100:

  • £500 for the election deposit, which is our initial target
  • £600 to pay for leaflets, posters and letters - to reach voters and tell them about how we can change politics for the better, which is our stretch target

We know that the more people have the opportunity to hear about Green policies and values, the more they like what they hear - the Vote For Policies survey for Guildford currently puts the Greens ahead of all other parties, with over double the Conservative's figures.

Anything you can pledge today will make a real difference.

Other ways you can help

If you aren’t able to contribute financially, you can still help John’s campaign by telling your friends or sharing this page on social media, by helping to deliver leaflets, or display a poster.

Finally, of course, don’t forget that your vote counts on 7th May! Register here to vote in the 2015 General Election.

Thank you,

The Guildford and Godalming Green Party, with John Pletts (PPC)

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The small print

Please ensure you are on the electoral register - this is a requirement of donating to a political party. And you'll need to be on it to vote! Register here if you're not -

If you pledge £500 or over (which would be amazing!), you must be willing to provide your contact details and address.

Published and promoted by Tony Cooper on behalf of Surrey Green Party and John Pletts, both at 56-64 Leonard Street, Development House, London, EC2A 4LT



A big thank you on social media! Every pound will count.


A huge thank you on social media and our website (which will be up soon!).


A Green Party badge of your choice and a massive thank you on social media and our website!


A handwritten thank you on a seed paper postcard - plant to grow a collection of British wildflowers!


An A3 'Vote Green Party' poster and a handwritten thank you on a seed paper postcard!


A Green Party mug of your choice and a handwritten thank you on a seed paper postcard!


Your choice of Green Party T-shirt and a handwritten thank you on a seed paper postcard!


Your choice of Green Party T-shirt, an A3 'Vote Green Party' poster and a handwritten thank you on a seed paper postcard!

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