Help Egor

Help Egor

Help us to support Egor who suffers form a rare skin condition Ichthyosis, and needs financial support to continue living with his family.

We did it!

On 16th May 2016 we successfully raised £960 with 35 supporters in 56 days





We are a very small charity which supports and orphanage in Belarus by running play schemes for the children and undertaking refurbishment projects to improve the environment. We take groups of children from the UK to work in the orphanage which can be a very rewarding sometimes a life changing experience.

We have reached a challenging time for the charity, we have supported a Belarusian teenager called Egor since he was 7. His needs are changing and the cost of funding his care has increased dramatically. We feel that we cannot abandon him but we need help to continue to support him.


Please read Egors story


The charity Leaves of Hope for Belarusian Children first met Egor, then aged 7, at an orphanage in Belarus.

Egor has a severe form of the incurable congenital condition called Ichthyosis. Usually resulting from a faulty gene, this causes dry ‘fish like’ scales, which in Egor’s case are all over his body. Ichthyosis affects the rate in which skin regenerates, either shedding scales too slowly or reproducing at too fast a rate. ( for more information). Egor’s eyesight is also affected.

Members of the charity were so distressed at Egor’s condition, which was untreated, that we vowed to help him. The charity, together with a Belarusian voluntary organisation, found Egor a foster family when he was aged 8 and have brought him to the UK for specialist advice and care regularly ever since. Egor takes regular medication, which he will need for the rest of his life, which is funded by the charity, together with regular respite care and tutoring to help with his education.

In 2016 Egor will reach the age of 18 and his foster family will no longer receive a state allowance for his care. Due to his medical condition and to insecurities relating to his time in institutions, Egor will not be able to live independently or to sustain a job. It is very likely that he could end up in what could only be described as an asylum.

Egor’s foster family are willing to continue caring for him if Leaves of Hope is able to contribute funding equivalent to the state allowance. This, together with the cost of medication and flights to the UK, is likely to amount to £3,500 per year. Leaves of Hope, a small charity, already struggles to meet its financial obligations to Egor, which are in addition to its other work in Belarus, but the Trustees believe it is inconceivable that we could abandon him, having supported him for so long. To do so would mean that his medical condition will worsen and his future could be bleak. Therefore we are seeking your help, any donations will be used entirely to support Egor, the charity has no paid employees. We will try to raise £1000 in the first instance to cover immediate costs. If we are successful we will run further campaigns.

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