Help Ed get a new bike

Help Ed get a new bike

My bike was stolen and I'd really appreciate your help - please read full description!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Okay, look - there are a lot of problems in the world. The world is mostly problems, these days. I'm not going to list them - you know them. And you know that your money could in some small way help those problems be tackled. So if you find the idea of me turning to friends and family for financial assistance because my bike was stolen, I implore you to ignore my pleas and donate some money to such causes. Really. I wouldn't judge you in the slightest for thinking I'm a privileged pillock. 

But, if you're staying around, here are the details: my(BRAND NEW) Giant Defy 3 road racing bike was stolen during the daytime whilst I was at work around the corner, from some bike racks where it was locked, within sight of a security camera. I don't know how the person did it, or how they got away with it, but they did. I got the bike about a month ago, and hadn't yet got around to insuring it. My bad.

I think I am basically a good person. Next year, I'm running my first 100 kilometre/62 mile race, from London to Brighton, and in doing so I'm going to be raising money for MIND, a mental health charity well worth your donations. I train very hard for my long-distance running, running 5, 6, or often 7 times a week. I do it because I love it, and because I honestly think I have enough natural talent/drive to one day win some races. Cycling is (was) a huge part of this training - running long distances every day takes its toll on you, and cycling is an excellent way to give your muscles a chance to relax whilst still engaging in some aerobic training.

Without my bike, my training will really suffer. So I'm going to buy a new one. 

I work as a barista, and I love it; my job has so many spiritual and emotional benefits, including being on my feet all day, talking to people all day, being part of a community (all day), and working a craft (latte art counts as a craft, right?) But it won't be a big surprise to anyone that coffee doesn't pay well. So buying a new bike is basically going to take away a really significant chunk of my earnings.

Because of the internet I reckon it's going to be very easy to misinterpret my tone here - I am not pining a sob story, and I know I have it pretty good compared to a lot of people out there. But I can also say that, if a mate was in a similar situation and asked for my help, I'd happily give them a few quid. So if you are annoyed on my behalf at the poor soul who for whatever reason thought it was a good idea to steal a bike, and you're happy to spare a fiver or even a tenner, I'd be really grateful, and I will definitely make you a coffee one day. And if you don't want to, please consider where else your money could do some good. Maybe get a bike for yourself. They're really fun! 


Thank you

The bike costs over £500, but I am not expecting to reach the target! Any amount will honestly mean so much to me and really help me out.