Help earthquake victims in Turkey during Pandemic!

by Melissa Doyuker Marks in London, England, United Kingdom

Help earthquake victims in Turkey during Pandemic!
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Help the earthquake victims in Turkey during the pandemic! They all need homes to stay safe in!

by Melissa Doyuker Marks in London, England, United Kingdom

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On Friday the 30th of October a powerful earthquake in the Aegean Sea with a magnitude of 6.6 hit Turkey, Izmir where many buildings collapsed.

In the first 91 hours, 85 people have died, 962 injured and more than 100 being rescued who were trapped in rubble. One of their latest rescue is a 3 year old girl called Elif (in the picture) who became one of the symbols of hope, as she was stuck for 65 hours! Ayda is a 4 year old girl who was saved on the 91st hour and currently the last person rescued alive. 

More than 1120 aftershocks have been registered since the initial quake, 43 of them with a magnitude over 4.0. The earthquake also triggered a "mini tsunami" causing streets to flood in parts of Izmir province leading to many homes being flooded!

Now, all these victims are not only homeless during the Pandemic but also they have lost everything they had! They are in great need and we can help them. The money raised will be used to provide them with homes by contributing to rents.

The money raised will be sent to the platform created by the Izmir Municipality called #BirKiraBirYuva which means one rent one home.

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