Help Dexter Get Outside!

Help Dexter Get Outside!

Help put in ramps at front & back of our home so we don't have to lift his wheelchair and give him an accessible garden that he can enjoy.

We did it!

On 21st Aug 2017 we successfully raised £1,650 with 34 supporters in 49 days

After his mum suffering a silent placental abruption, our son Dexter was born in 2015 in an emergency not breathing, and with no pulse.  Doctors raised to save his life and after several attempts he was recusitated.  Dexter suffered Hypoxia and this has left him with moderately severe brain damage.  

The first time Gemma (Mum) held Dexter in hospital

Since then, our lives have been turned upside down and Dexter suffers from Cerebral Palsy causing him little mobility, feeding problems, gastro issues and epilepsy.  As a family we fight every day to give Dexter as much intervention as possible in the hope that one day he will be able to live a full independent life.  Things that we once took for granted are now magnificent celebrations, such as holding an object, standing in a frame and taking off a sock.  Dexter is a bright cheerful little boy with an abundance of energy and will.  He is so motivated to do and play and his body is just not able to work for him.  

This summer brought a big obstacle for us, the sun came out and we wanted to take Dexter in his wheelchair out into the garden to explore, and play.  It took 3 of us to get Dexter out of our back door in his chair, we have a large step out from our back door onto the grass, as well as the wheels getting stuck in the uneven terrain.  We want Dexter to be able to enjoy the outdoors to be able to have further sensory experiences and do what other children do with ease.  Our front door too has a step to get in and so we are having to transfer a growing boy by carrying him; which is not ideal for our backs.  We would like to convert the step into a ramp at the front of the house too.  We never expected that we would need to do these things so that Dexter could have the same experiences as any other child.  

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