Help Details Beauty survive COVID19

by Details Beauty 60 Long Lane in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Details Beauty survive COVID19
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We need support to launch our beauty salon in post COVID-19 London with increased PPE and rigorous health & safety controls.

by Details Beauty 60 Long Lane in London, England, United Kingdom

We need your support to resume shop fitting our first beauty salon (and business) and launch as soon as the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.

Having worked in the city of london as a banker at JPMorgan, I have first hand knowledge of the beauty and grooming needs for white collar working professionals in the area. Time is of the essence and health & safety is imperative. Our premises is situated in a heavily male dominated retail area with 4 barbers on the same street and no beauty salons. Both my business partner and I have full confidence in the potential of the premises to attract long lasting clients owing to the niche we have carved for ourselves and our approach towards incorporating PPE and rigorous health and safety controls which dates far before the outbreak of COVID-19.


>Through sheer hard work and ruthlessly saving every penny for 2 years, we were able to save £100,000 to:

  • sign a lease for a premises in the city of london (Long Lane EC1A9EJ)
  • buy equipment (including state of the art German engineered Enbio-S Autoclave for sanitising all our tools to medical grade perfection, Italian tecniwork nail tools, CND and OPI polish, and so much more)
  • buy disposable files, buffers, towels, masks, etc. 
  • buy custom furniture (@defrae)
  • shop fitting

>I was able to obtain the highly coveted UK entrepreneurship visa (I am from New Zealand) which took months to prepare for.

>We were also awarded a retail start up grant for under 30s.


We were incredibly proud of our achievements and almost pushed through to the finish line. Just as we were about to wrap up the final 3rd of our shop-fitting/renovations of our new premises, COVID-19 effectively put a halt on all our plans. As if things couldn't get worse, our building contractor did not honour our contract (using the pandemic as an excuse) including advance payments for jobs mostly incomplete and/or not commenced. The final nail in the coffin - We had other contractors come in to assess the pending work and they have all commented on the poor workmanship performed by the previous contractor. He has been completely unresponsive and a no show since. We are looking into hiring a lawyer to smooth things out but with the current pandemic it has been difficult. 

Ground Floor (Top)

Mezzanine (Top)


Details beauty is the brainchild of my business partner (Fabiana, right) and I (Rashmi, left), both with humble beginnings and the will, passion, determination and perseverance to bring our dream to life.

Fabiana combines years of experience as a beauty therapist in London and Italy where sanitisation of tools and maintaining high levels of hygiene for each client is strictly mandatory. Added are her qualifications in the art and science of beauty therapy as well as exceptional attention to detail, magnetic charisma and a superior knack for attracting repeat customers/loyalty. She has been able to compile a database of her most loyal clients and supporters who are eagerly awaiting the launch.

I, Rashmi (Left), work to control the back end of things. With my qualifications in business, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship as well as my experience working in banking, I complement Fabiana as a force to bring the business to life. Together we have been able to push the business to launch in a way that usually takes most years to accomplish. 


Details beauty will provide nails & waxing treatments via a superlative combination of products, processes and people guaranteed to provide the safest results and high customer satisfaction/retention.



Our vision is to be London's definitive, premier lifestyle choice in safe beauty & well-being. Catering to clientele as diverse as our products and services, we strive to build an inclusive salon experience, specialising in each individual's uniqueness.


Our launch has been pushed back due to the pandemic. Our bills, however, have not. We do not qualify for any government support or grants as we had not been trading prior to the lockdown. We have had to pull out funds from our reserve/cushion money to pay the rent, rates & bills and we no longer have any more money to stay afloat for the next round of payments due next month. Furthermore, we need to hire a new contractor or handy men to finish all the pending renovations and shop fitting jobs (most of which we paid for in advance to our previous contractor). 

We need about £30,000 - £35,000 to support us in the first 3 months of launch (breakdown below):

Rent: £6,000

Rates: £3,666

Bills: £2,000

Salaries: £4,500

Renovations & Extra PPE: £14,000

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