Help Dan empower her future

by April Richardson in Harlow, England, United Kingdom

Help Dan empower her future


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Please can we get support for Dan to provide her with text books and study books she needs to open up her chances of great future x

by April Richardson in Harlow, England, United Kingdom

Dan is such a bright young girl in year 11 at school, she honestly studies constantly in any free time she has. She has high hopes of going to sixth form, uni and all the way up to work in law.. she has been trying to raise herself some money recently and she was selling her old stuff on market place websites. Until she had someone show interest in an item she listed... It turns out this was not what he was interested in.... She was contacted by a pedophile and it has thrown her back a little. She has been scared to leave house alone etc. It's been so sad seeing as all she wanted was to raise money to buy books to continue her learning. And I feel so helpless to her. I've tried to look for all kinds of charities and grants but she doesn't meet the criteria for anything because she doesn't have a social worker or other agencies in her life. And it's sad to see.

I was hoping that maybe the general public may be able to help by donating anything what so ever, may it be some textbooks, stationary, anything they could possibly offer for her. I am unsure if it's possible to request this or if it is only money can be accepted. If it is, please if only a pound or two, it does all add up. And it would mean so much to her. We understand we are not in I'll health or in need of life support. But causes like this surely don't go around often, and people living in the bread line do suffer the greater opportunities that they do deserve but can not always receive. 

I hope if you do take the time to read this story you can understand the reason for my plea and I appreciate your time either way 

Thank you :)

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