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by OMA Creamery in Pakistan

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We are launching a small dairy company in Pakistan to help poor dairy farmers. If you would like, you can invest or donate a small amount

by OMA Creamery in Pakistan



      COVID pandemic has had an immensely detrimental effect on world’s economy. Dairy sector in every country has been severely affected. UK’s National Farmers Union estimated in early April 2020 that at least 2,000 dairy farmers were in financial difficulty. Moreover, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) said in April that more than 5,200 of the estimated 9,200 dairy farmers in Britain had experienced a milk price reduction in spring 2020, while nearly 500 had milk collections cancelled. 

      When lockdown was announced in UK, cheese-making businesses around the country did not know what the future would hold and whether they were going to survive. Some cheese makers had no room left in their store, some had lost restaurant business and others had lost their entire export markets. Something had to be done to help these cheese makers. Therefore, Neal’s yard dairy teamed up with Jamie Oliver to involve the British public and within a month or so they sold 14,000 tons of cheese. 

        This is about a developed country, now you can imagine how hard the developing nations have been hit. 

        Pakistan is a developing nation. It is mainly an agriculture country. 
It is the 4th largest milk producing country in the world but 80 % of Pakistan’s milk production is in rural areas and at a small scale. Livestock plays an important role in the economy and accounts for almost 12% of GDP. But 2020 and 2021 have been very hard on dairy farmers.

      Due to COIVD, milk consumption dropped in offices, coffee shops, restaurants and catering companies closed their operations. Additionally, many milk collections were cancelled and payments deferred. Small-scale dairy farmers have seen a sharp decline in their sales. And, loss of profit have made some of them sell their livestock because they could not afford to buy silage for their animals.

Why are we raising funds?

        Keeping the current economic scenario in mind we have decided to launch a small dairy company in Pakistan. Where we will be producing different kinds of artisan cheeses and yogurt. Pakistan is yet to see a boom in artisan cheese production and we sure would like to introduce traditional methods of aging cheeses. The more cheeses we produce, the more milk we use. This would not only uplift the effected dairy farmers economic condition but would also give us the opportunity to giveback.


How funds will help farmers?

            We will help farmers by not only buying milk from them but also by giving back. We will buy dairy equipment and bring modern practices to their farms. Additionally, We will help them in getting milking and other machines from the UK.  More automation means more hygienic practices and thus healthy products in the market.

Furthermore, we plan to facilitate individuals who show keen interest and would like to start small dairy farms but do not have the means to.


What do we need?

          Staring a successful dairy company with limited funds is very challenging but we intent to start small, and gradually expand our operations, and for that our estimated project cost is minimum £ 30,000.

            We have already purchased a small dairy plant from Italy that can manufacture all kinds of cheeses and cream top yogurt.



            But, to scale-up and run the operations, we need to acquire extra equipment, listed below.


  • A homogenizer   (Chinese)                                               £ 6,000
  • 2 500 L VATs                                                                     £ 4,000
  • Pumps                                                                              £ 400
  • A chilling unit                                                                   £ 1,000
  • Auto cup filling and sealing machine                              £ 6,000
  • Cheese Molds (2 Kadova Molds)                                     £ 600
  • Incubation and chilling room                                           £ 4,000
  • Distribution (Van with a Reefer)                                        £ 8,000   


TOTAL                                                                                   £ 30,000


              Most of the equipment, we will buy from Pakistan but some including homogenizer from overseas.  Homogenizers are not made in Pakistan. A good quality homogenizer is very expensive but expensive ones have durable life and perform better. It is used because it brings uniformity and shelf life in products. We will buy a cheap one and as business progresses we will upgrade it. A business needs at least 6 months operating cost to become profitable. Operating cost is included in the attached financial sheet. Please email us so that we can forward the Business plan and projected financial sheet. 

             We CANNOT offer rewards because this project will be based in Pakistan but If you are interested in investing in our project then please email us [email protected]

             This project is not only about prosperity but would also bring communities together. UK has a rich culture of making organic cheeses and we would like to bring artisan cheese making and aging practices to Pakistan as well.


Assist us in this small attempt to make a difference in these hard times.


We really appreciate your encouragement!!


Thank you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

Return on Investment

Since this project will be based in Pakistan we cannot offer rewards. Instead if you invest £1000, your ROI will be £3000. But, keep in mind it takes time for new businesses to gain momentum. We have the projected financial sheets and business plan.

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