Help create the next fusion energy scientist

by Fusion Energy in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help create the next fusion energy scientist
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Fusion energy is within our grasp. With new facilities being created (like the international project ITER) and research ongoing, clean and u...

by Fusion Energy in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Fusion energy is within our grasp. With new facilities being created (like the international project ITER) and research ongoing, clean and unlimited energy is closer than ever.

What we need though, is more scientist and enegineers to work on this project. Men and women, that not just have the ability to help achieve stable fusion energy, but the drive and desire to achieve this goal for the benefit of humanity!

This is a very simple crowdfund project. More a test of the public’s ability to do their bit for the greater good of the human race. To support a current high potential student on their pathway to becoming an essential part of the fusion energy success story.

In short (as short as I can be), this potential student joined the military nearly 10 years ago with the goal of serving his part and doing his national duty to the people. About 5 years ago he decided that the best way to serve the people moving forward was to be apart of the fusion energy project. To give clean and unlimited energy was to him, the purest persuit of time and effort he could do to help humanity. Even to be a cog in the machine that cracked stable fusion was worth all the years spent it would take to achieve that goal. And so, 5 years later, while still serving In the forces, he is entering his final year of his degree with a MSc in fusion and the exit of the forces lined up next.

And hear lies the cry for help. With a family in toe and a wife that fully supports his ambition. There is no possible way for him to afford the MSc, living costs and the support of his family. Though student finance help exists, it is drastically unsuitable to financially support this goal. As such, without financial help, this need to help humanity and years spent already in pursuit of obtaining the physics degree, will be wasted.

This is where we need your help. We can’t all commit to changing career to help humanity. And that’s not because you don’t want to, but simply because commitments dictate you cannot. So for anyone who wishes they could do their bit for the greater good. For those who wish to help someone in this purest of ambitions. And for those who simply wish to see fusion energy achieved within our life time. Please help and support this student.

I must say, so far he is lined up to gain a distinction in his degree and genuinly, wants nothing more that to help achieve fusion energy and bring all the benefits it holds. He does not want recognition or glory. He simply wants this achieved for everyone’s benefit.  But the financial wall of the MSc and reality is impassable for him alone. And though his ambitions are pure, he is feeling the impossible barrier that he will face next year (sept 2021). So let’s help smash that wall!

We are hoping to achieve at least £20000 to cover the MSc and minimum living costs for him and his family. Though anyone with financial support can do a MSc. For a career changer with a family it is near impossible, as you can appreciate. And we need people in projects like this, that are in it for the people and not for themselves.

Thank you

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