Help create my new online fashion store.

Help create my new online fashion store.

The aim is to raise enough funds to start off my new online fashion store. The funds raised will help get this business off the ground.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hey all,

My name is Mollie, aged 18 from the UK. So what brings me on here? 

Well, basically i am planning on opening my very own online fashion store, stocking womens brands that you don't tend to find on the high street but what are affordable to the everyday women. My target market is aged from 15 to 30.  The type of brands i want to include on the website will be from lesser known brands who could be the next big thing.

I am looking for funding to get my business off the ground and help get it through the first 1 to 2 years, which as many of you know are the toughest times for a new business. Any money kindly raised will go towards buying the stock to sell on the website. I am hoping to place orders by September this year, which will be for stock for Spring/Summer 18. 

I currently work full time since i left school in a well known high street clothing retailer. I have worked my way up from a saturday sales assistant to a shop floor supervisor. Even in this role i am only on minimum wage. The last year or so i have looked at starting my own online store but as we all know its so hard! I have tried to get a loan from the bank, no luck with that so i thought i would try crowdfunding.

As yet my new website has no name, i am still deciding on that! I can design the online store myself, i have been doing that for a couple years.

Why £7500? I am hoping to get small orders from 10 different brands, this £7500 will be spent buying the stock so when the shop opens it has a nice amount of stock available. My outgoing costs will be lower as i will be operating the business from home.

If you would like to help me out, or talk more please get in touch xx