Stop using chemicals and animal testing!!!

Stop using chemicals and animal testing!!!

I want to raise funds to create cosmetics in line with nature. No Nasty Chemicals or Animal Testing!!!

We did it!

On 24th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £8 with 2 supporters in 35 days

I would love to raise funds to create a brand of cosmetics that will replace all the ones with nasty chemicals, which hurt our bodies and nature.

Wouldn't you love a world where everything you buy is in line with nature? We were given this planet, and we shouldn't be destroying it, but instead using what it gives us. 

My name Camilia and have already started this project with my own funds, but my budget is limited as I am juggling between university and life. I have already created a product, which is a 100% natural 3in1 nail, brow and eyelash oil! Check it out at

But I hope to create a whole new range of 100% chemical free, vegan, organic products, which would all be hand made in small batches to ensure freshness!

I want our community to connect back with nature, and hope to raise awareness about all the harsh chemical that are used in the products people use on a daily basis, and what it does to our world. 

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