Help create a sweat free Europe

Help create a sweat free Europe

We have the ability to help people who suffer from Hyperhidrosis (a debilitating condition of over sweating causing embarrassment )

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A Sweat Free Europe

Sweatblock is a clinical strength antiperspirant that stops people from sweating for up to 1 week per application.

We are a new business that acquired the rights to sell Sweatblock in Europe from its USA owner back in 2014. The goal now is to see this life changing product available all over Europe.

The strategy is to promote Sweatblock by giving 1000 units away. This will bring in more customers but also build the brand awareness we need.

The funds would be used to:-

  • Purchase one thousand units from the States
  • Improve the website to take orders from other European countries
  • Print product literature
  • Marketing and promtional activities
  • Email campaign
  • CRM package

Sweatblock is a life changing product for those that suffer with Hyperhidrosis (oversweating on the face, hands, armpits)

Sweatblock massively reduces sweating and in most cases stops sweating completely for up to 7 days. 

Unfortunately potential customers are put off by the price (£20 for an 8 week supply) However it actually works out at 36p a day for the 8 week period but when people see that its £20 for an antiperspirant most don't want to try it. This is why we want to give 1000 away completely free so people who need this product can use and spread the word too.

Investing in a database and email software will ensure we can continue to help those sufferers going forward.

All help is much appreciated and really will help change lives.