Help Copper Boom Studio to help small businesses

To invest in equipment, backgrounds and props so that we can support small creative businesses with photography, copywriting and marketing.

We did it!

On 22nd Nov 2016 we successfully raised £2,120 with 43 supporters in 42 days

Pre-S: We're keeping what we make, even if we don't reach our target, thanks to the nice people at Crowdfunder! Every single penny makes a HUGE difference to us.

Copper Boom Studio is a content studio committed to creating product photos, descriptions and marketing content for small creative businesses.

Brainchild and labour of love from Jenny Hyde, Copper Boom emerged as a solution to the problems Jenny heard day after day from small business owners. Clients couldn't find efficient, affordable photography that suited the style the products deserved, nor the copywriting quality that really works for selling online.

After working for five years at, Jenny became an independent mentor for designer makers, entrepreneurs and creative business owners. Copper Boom is the practical solution Jenny dreamed up to benefit her clients and other online product-based businesses.

We've grown from a one woman band to four permanent members of staff plus freelance photographers, stylists and copywriters, and our plan is to grow from here so that we can offer a more standardised and efficient service.

Why are we crowdfunding?

After launching in July 2016, Copper Boom has quickly outgrown Jenny's home studio, and our tiny team. We're moving into a new studio space and growing the team in order to increase our capacity, quality and ability to deliver more services to our clients.

We're going big.

How you can get involved

For small businesses, we've created a number of business packages that will benefit you in a number of ways, including 15% off all our services for a year. You'll be a VIP, and we'll go out of our way to deliver amazing results for you.

We're offering a number of different packages for different investment levels, all created with the needs of small businesses in mind. You can come into our new studio for a full day of photography and branding development, or get our PDF guides to improving your online shop.

If you invest in one of our VIP business packages, we'll create backgrounds, tone of voice documents and other tools specifically for your business and your needs. For example, we'll buy props that are for your exclusive use, or paint a background that's your unique brand colour.

Whatever level you choose, you'll be part of the Copper Boom family, and we'll put your name on our "thank you wall" in the studio.

For friends, family and Gilmore Girls fans, we have some special gifts up our sleeve. Even if you don't have a need for brilliant product photography or sparkling copywriting, you can still support our growth! We've got copper certificates and Gilmore Girls gifts for friends and family who invest in the studio. Fun for all!

How we'll use your investment

As we move into our new space, we need more desks, equipment, backgrounds and props to expand our ability to take better (and more) photographs, as well as work with more copywriters and marketing experts. 

So we'll use your investment to buy more lights, more paint, more handyman time to build backgrounds, more chairs, more computers, more vintage books - to name just a few!

Because we've decided to grow quickly, we're really looking for working capital that will allow us to build a sustainable, productive business. We're not messing around, but we need a little boost to get us going.

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