Help clear my rent arrears so I don't lose my home

by Kirsty Galloway in Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom

Help clear my rent arrears so I don't lose my home
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I need some help to keep my home

by Kirsty Galloway in Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom

My husband and I work full time. I am a Forensic support worker helping to support people with learning disabilities in the community, and my husband works for Tesco. We live in a council home and have fallen into rent arrears due to money becoming increasingly tight. My husband works on a Sunday and used to get extra to compensate for that, but it has been stopped by Tesco. 

We cannot claim any benefits. We do not get any help from anywhere else and I am becoming increasing scared that the council will come and take our home away. I have a long-term health condition and have had two spinal surgeries so the thought of being made homeless is terrifying.

*I've just realised I haven't changed my maiden name on the document. It's definitely me though.*

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