Help Christine with ill health. Proof can be shown

by M Turner in Nuneaton, England, United Kingdom

Help Christine with ill health. Proof can be shown


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This is new to me but thought id give it a go to help raise money to move my poorly mother closer to her daughter so i can take care of her

by M Turner in Nuneaton, England, United Kingdom

I am the daughter of Christine (born 21.03.1954) who suffers a number of illnesses such as COPD, Severe Asthma, Arthritis, Sciatica and others. (Proof can be provided if needed). She also has 2 hernias stuck to her bowels which she needs operating on urgently however due to her COPD and Asthma the doctors will not operate as the survival rate is low for her as her lungs would highly unlikley be able to cope under the ansethetic. Her life is always critical. She has been admitted to hospital every year the past few years and its always been touch and go as they cannot do much for her. As i write this she is also in hospital today with another emergency and this is what made me think about giving crowdfunding a go to see if there is any chance of making my mums life any better 

The money raised would go towards better mobility equipment, and towards a deposit for a home close to myself- thier daughter, so that i can care for my mums everyday needs. At present my mum lives in london with no one to care for her and everyday is a struggle with day to day things such as getting dressed, bathing, making food, and so on. 

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