Help kids with poor maths by funding my training

Help kids with poor maths by funding my training

Let's plug the gaps for children who are currently low attainers in primary maths. Fund my PGCert in Early Mathematics Intervention.

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On 17th May 2016 we successfully raised £220 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Many children struggle with maths almost as soon as it's introduced at primary school. They often get left behind - then are bewildered and confused by maths lessons for years to come. Let's plug the gaps in their knowledge and improve their number sense and other skills such as subitising and anchoring. We'll increase their attainment, build their confidence and ensure they can benefit fully from the maths lessons at school.

I'm a maths tutor and I've been shocked to find students in their GCSE year who are still counting on their fingers, or who don't know how to work out how many batteries you get in 5 packs of 4. Unfortunately schools are busy, teachers have a horrendous workload, and the curriculum becomes increasingly demanding - so it's no surprise that occasionally there are low-attaining children.

About me

I now work mainly with primary age children, to build for them a foundation of knowledge and skills so they can keep up at school in future years. I work in schools and with private clients.

I am going to study for a PGCert in Early Mathematics Intevention at Edge Hill University, starting on 13 June. I'll become even better at assessing students to find out what misconceptions and misunderstandings they have, and at how to identify what intervention strategies to use and how to use them.

With your help funding this course, we can make a real difference in the lives of children.

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