Help Cheyenne hear

Help Cheyenne hear

Cheyenne has suffered problems with her hearing since she was born, we want to give her the chance to finally experience normal hearing!

We did it!

On 4th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £100 with 4 supporters in 56 days

This lovely  young lady has suffered pain and problems with her ears since she was born. She has never experienced a full range of hearing like most of us are lucky enough to experience.

she has had treatments ranging from gromits placed in her ears, to the removal of her Tonsils and Adenoids, all of which have been unsuccessful in improving her hearing, and reducing her pain.

Cheyenne was recently lucky enough to meet the audiologist at Regain Hearing who has found a solution for her with the use of a hearing device. This device will help dramatically, to improve her ability to hear but unfortunately isn't available to her on the NHS.

 The Audiologist at Regain hearing  found Cheyenne to have a huge perforation in her ear, leaving the bones of the ear exposed. This is not only incredibly painful for her, but is responsible for her hearing loss. At the young age of 17, such a device will improve her life dramatically, allowing her to finally experience hearing like most of us. 

If anyone can help in any way,  however small, we can get Cheyenne this hearing device  as quickly as possible and finally give her this life changing opportunity.

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