Help Cassie get to the Paralympics

Help Cassie get to the Paralympics

I'm raising funds for the snowboard & triathlon seasons, kickstarting my road to Pyeongchang 2018 and Tokyo 2020 paralympics!

We did it!

On 20th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £5,305 with 48 supporters in 28 days


Thank you so much for viewing my Crowdfunder. This page has been closed, but if you are looking to donate, I am trying to raise the £3500 that I am short of here: Many thanks, Cassie.

As you may or may not know, I chose to have my right foot amputated below the knee following six years of operations and pain after a botched foot and ankle reconstruction following on from club foot complications. Whilst I also have club foot in my left leg and it affects me because of alignment issues and the residual equinovarus deformity, it is far less severe and it can hopefully be worked with, with the right supports and strengthening. I'm writing this just after my one year "ampuversary" and at the end of that year find myself training with the GB Parasnowboard Team and on the GB Paratriathlon Talent Squad. To read more about my background and how I ended up here, (or for a laugh at my adventures over the first year of my life with a fake leg) check out my blog -

This all started when I was discharged from rehab and wanted a challenge, so arranged to cycle from London to Paris with two friends. We raised over £3000 for a charity called Legs4Africa who take used prosthetic legs from the UK over to Africa and fit them to amputees there, and this gave me the cycling bug and I decided that doing a triathlon might be fun so had a go at one and haven't looked back!

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16th October 2014



 16th October 2015


This year I am not funded as I am a newcomer to both sports due to the recentness of my amputation, so, to follow my dream, I am having to raise all of the money myself. Whilst I work three jobs (in a school, nannying and babysitting) this is not enough to allow me to train and compete this year at a level that will enable me to fulfill my potential, so I need some support. My Paratriathlon category is not included in the Rio 2016 paralympics, so my goals for the upcoming season are to compete at world level and to gain race experience allowing me to compete with, and beat, the best in the world. My ultimate goal for snowboarding is gold at the 2018 paralympics in Pyeongchang and whilst that is just two years away and I have my work cut out, I believe that I can get there and will do everything I can to do so. My first race is in Holland in November.

In return for you contributing and helping me out, I promise that I will do everything it takes to become the best and there will be no one out there working harder than I am. I will keep you updated through my blog and a monthly newsletter on my successes and struggles over the forthcoming snowboarding and triathlon seasons, and if you're keen I would be delighted to share tales of my journey over cups of tea!


First time back on snow, 3 months post ampuation

I am the first female to ever compete for GB in Parasnowboarding and I am the only girl on the team, so am breaking new ground in disability sport here in the UK which is incredibly exciting. I'm passionate about getting more women and girls, particularly those with a disability, involved in sport and following on from my involvement with the ThisGirlCan campaign earlier this year, I've had the opportunity to give talks to a variety of people about adversity, challenges and determination. If you pledge I would be delighted to repay the favour somewhat by talking to or visiting schools or workplaces that you may have connections with, if there are people that could benefit from my experiences. (Or if you are unable to pledge please still get in touch if I could help you out in anyway.) 


At a bus stop near you!

Money raised will go towards my costs for the next 12 months, which will enable me to fulfil my potential for development over the next year.

This includes regular travel to competitions and training camps, bracing that I cannot get through the NHS, GB kit and essential consumables such as tyres, bike and board maintenance equipment and sports nutrition; then specifically for snowboarding - lift passes, coaching costs, accomodation whilst abroad, a new snowboard, specialist protective equipment and travel equipment. Triathlon specific costs include a TT bike, bike box for international events (or rental), a better quality wetsuit (the hole in my current one slows me down!) and entry fees into events.

If you are looking to contribute as part of a company or organisation, I would be delighted to work alongside you to promote your brand and give something back - please get in touch. Similarly, if you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

This is an incredibily exciting time and after the ongoing struggles over the last six years it feels totally sureal. I believe that getting into this position at just one year after amputation shows something of my motivation, determination and commitment to accomplishing my goals. With your help I hope to go on to achieve at the highest level and will do so with a smile and providing a little inspiration along the way!

Thank you for reading,



PS - I won't forget you when I start medalling internationally and you will be some of the first people to see those paralympic medals!



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