Looking sad, rejected & who can blame him. Cocker Spaniel male, 6 years handed in by his owner to the Valencia Perrera (kill station) Spain

We did it!

On 5th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £220 of £200 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Amazingly, through your kindness, we managed to raise £200 towards the exit of Cameron from the perrera.  THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

This was all done in 3 days, so I wondered if I could push my luck and ask if you could raise an extra £76 for him.

The breakdown for his journey to the UK is as follows:-


  1. Boarding for 40 days at 2.50 euros per day = 100 euros
  2. Full lab works testing for diseases = 65 euros
  3. Vaccinations = 20 euros
  4. Castration = 50 euros
  5. UK Transportation = 297 euros

Totalling 532 euros (£386).

Less raised so far £200 (I will pay fees), £70 received in cash, £40 paid via Paypal.





Project aim

Looking sad, rejected and who can blame him. Cocker Spaniel male age 6 years handed in by his owner to the Valencia perrera municipal in Spain.

On a daily basis, dogs are handed into the perrera by owners or dog catchers in Spain.  If they aren't chipped, like Cameron they are classed as owner-less and given a period of time for a rescue to help them.  If no rescue comes forward, they are put to sleep.  The owners who surrender them to the perrera know the procedure and it saves them the cost of the lethal injection.

We have a rescue group in Sussex who are offering rbu (rescue back up) for life, the release fee from the perrera has been paid for and we have a foster home for CAMERON in the UK. 

Can you help with the costs of bringing Cameron to the UK.  We have an offer of £200 for neutering, blood work, vaccinations and passport, but we need to raise the funds for the transportation of £200. 

PLEASE CAN YOU OFFER £1 OR £2.  Thank you x



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