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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am hoping to raise £750 to help me pay for Buddy's eye operation.

by Chloe Petit in Worthing, England, United Kingdom

We adopted Buddy almost 8 weeks ago from a Greek rescue charity that works tirelessly against the odds (earthquakes and storms being a recent issue) to help save all of the abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats on the island of Zakynthos. Buddy was a stray that was found in the resort at the age of approximately 8 months and who had, judging by his behaviour, loss of an eye, scars and damaged tail, been frequently beaten. He was then looked after by staff at a pharmacist before being rescued and taken in by foster carers. Buddy had emergency medical treatment but it was thought at the time that his eye would be ok as it was. It was treated with topical eye treatments. However, since adopting him and having him health checked, my vet said that he has a condition called an entropion - caused by the trauma to the eye - which will be very uncomfortable and is causing the weeping and redness inside and therefore needs to be removed. Unfortunately despite having pet insurance because this is a pre-existing issue, it won't be covered and therefore I now have to find almost £1,000 to have his eye removed (enucleated) and have the eyelids sewn up so that it doesn't hurt him constantly anymore. 

I will obviously digging deep to find what I can and have some ideas of how to fundraise for this operation. However, any donations to help pay for his treatment would be much appreciated. 

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