Help bring the Chequered Skipper home

Help bring the Chequered Skipper home

The Chequered Skipper is returning to England after 42 years. Donate today to ensure its return is a success.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 9:08am 30th May 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 9:08am 30th May 2018

The Chequered Skipper disappeared from England in 1976. This pretty brown and gold butterfly was once found from Oxfordshire to Lincolnshire, but died out when the practice of coppicing and ride management declined and its woodland habitat became overgrown.

You can help make sure the Chequered Skipper reintroduction is a success.

At the end of this month some 50 Chequered Skipper butterflies are being released into Rockingham Forest in Northamptonshire, as part of the Back From The Brink project. Once these butterflies flutter off down the woodland rides their fortune is in our hands. 

The planned reintroduction of this vulnerable butterfly has taken thorough preparation, research and practical work, now we need to build upon this to understand and adapt to what happens in practice.

Help us watch and learn how the Chequered Skipper responds to its new surroundings.

In order for this research project to be a success we need to monitor:

  • How far the butterflies travel from where they are released
  • Which areas of woodland the butterflies visit and settle in
  • Which plants they nectar on and where they lay their eggs
  • When their caterpillars hatch and where they feed and pupate
  • How many successfully complete their life cycle – resulting in a new generation of butterflies in 2019.

If we can determine which habitat the butterflies favour most in Rockingham Forest, we will be able to replicate these conditions more effectively, helping support further reintroductions within the landscape and establishing more breeding populations, which then colonise other woods in the area.

Donate today to give the best chance of survival and help this butterfly to not just return to Rockingham Forest but to spread its wings and flourish.


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