Help a bipolar sufferer to help him self

by Simon Cooper in Town Centre, England, United Kingdom

Help a bipolar sufferer to help him self
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Enable me to support myself and my children by having the tools needed to become self-employed. Having bipolar is hard and I need this

by Simon Cooper in Town Centre, England, United Kingdom

I have the ability to run a successful business as I have acquired skills over the years to maintain and improve properties doing things like fitting kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, fencing and creating lovely gardens.

Only 9 months ago I got to the lowest point in my life where I tried to commit suicide, sitting on a 100ft or so viaduct in Mid Wales I was restrained by passers by and by a policeman, I was at one point in mid-air and had they have let go I'd not be here now. The medical side of it all was so unhelpful, I was discharged after only a few hours with very little help, guidance or provisions put in place.

I'm mortified by all of this and the impact it had on all involved including my family and to be brushed aside with no real help to get on with it is scary for others that are in the same place I was. I ended up being off work for sometime and finally leaving employment as I couldn't cope mentally. 9 months on and the medication is slowly starting to work as well as thinking myself positive to try and get through life's ups and downs. 

I feel I could now sort my life out once and for all with a little help, I am stronger and more stable than ever but my credit score and lack of savings are holding me back. I bought a cheap van with a guarantor loan of £1000 which subsequently broke down 1 mile into the journey home with a gearbox issue. 3 months on and I still can't afford to fix it and now my car is broken too so I'm completely stuck. 

I have tools, dedication and enthusiasm but I don't have a rich family or anyway to get into a position to kick this all off financially.

I don't want to be claiming benefits and long term I'd love to give something back to help those in my position who are struggling day to day with their mental health. I'm a kind and caring person who will help just about anyone, I would love to be in a position to help someone like this in the future.

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