Help Bill get better.

Help Bill get better.

Bill is very ill, in constant pain, we are raising money for treatment in Poland, as there is no further treatment available in the UK.

We did it!

On 6th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £2,005 of £2,000 target with 61 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

The extra funding would help with Bill's ongoing treatment,  the initial amount is for the initial treatment and travel costs. 

Project aim

Bill is very ill, in constant pain, we are raising money for treatment in Poland, as there is no further treatment available in the UK.

About the project

Bill is 26 years old. He is a student at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) in Bristol; in his first year of study he achieved the highest grades in the institute for his year-group and was awarded the scholarship. He is an able and talented songwriter and hopes to one day teach in schools.


Bill lives in Downend, Bristol, with his wife Michalina and their daughter Amelia. They have a golden retriever called Fender. The perfect family.


7 years ago Bill started to experience pain in his wrists. Over the course of two years this had spread to his shoulders. Two years later, Bill had an 'episode' whilst at work; one side of his body shut down and went purple, he was in excruciating pain, dizzy, nauseous and overheating. he recovered from this in two weeks, but the pain in his leg returned in intervals lasting longer and longer. In November 2012 Bills condition began to deteriorate massively; the pain spread to all parts of his body, and he began losing consciousness. Bill desperately tried to continue his studies, to the point of being carried to his lectures, but was forced to take an intermission when his condition got worse. Present day, Bill suffers with: disabling pain, loss of consciousness, loss of memory, bouts of confusion, loss of balance, stiffness, spasms, seizures,  fatigue and all of the psychological difficulties associated with chronic illness. He is now completely disabled.


You can imagine the impact this has on the family. His wife can no longer work because she has to care for him around the clock, and their daughter suffers because they can't go out - she does not have any social input other than school and has a lot to deal with for a nine year old girl. She deals with it remarkably well though, she is an example to us all. 


Every avenue of investigation has been exhausted: neurological,  neurosurgical,  rheumatological,  cardiological, psychological - all to no avail. No doctors can find out what is wrong. All doctors and specialists have come to the same conclusion: nothing can be done. But after a recent Skype consultation with a doctor in Poland, there is hope.


This doctor (Dr. Agrawal, believes she can solve the problem and return Bill to his old, healthy self. She is based in a centre in Wroclaw, Poland. Working within a concentrated team containing specialists of all types she can offer Bill modern and holistic therapies not offered by the NHS, such as intraveinous vitamin and oxygen therapies. Unfortunately, as with most things, money is an issue. The family cannot afford the £2000 for the initial treatment, and the travel costs incurred. £2000 would pay for accomodation, travel and initial treatment. Any money raised after that would be for the continuation of that treatment.So they are putting their faith in the people of the world to help them seize this monumental opportunity. 


They're putting their faith in you to get their lives back.


Please give whatever you can to help, and thank you.

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