Help Bernie to Breath

by Toni Smith in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Help Bernie to Breath


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Bernie is a pug puppy who was born with hardly any nose. He struggles to breathe at all times, and I want to get him an operation.

by Toni Smith in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Bernie is one of the many puppies who ended up as an after thought of the 'fashionable dog industry'. This breed is bred because people think they are cute when in actual fact some have excessive health implications and without research people are cluelessly buying into the idea of getting an adorable pug puppy not knowing the thousands of pounds they will potentially have to spend on medical care.

We want to do everything we can for Bernie to make sure he can have the life he deserves! He is a brachycephalic breed and he has the usual if not worse congenital breathing problems that pugs have developed over the years. He will need an operation on his soft palate to make sure he can breathe like a normal dog and exercise and play with his new brothers!

This is a fundraiser to help raise money for the operation, Bernie has already had a lot of money spent to save his eye and at the moment this operation is not feesable however with a little of help and support hopefully we can give Bernie the life he should be living.

It's a big ask but if you cannot donate please share, the more people we reach the closer we can get to the target.  

Thank you so much for reading x

Let's make 'Help Bernie to Breath' happen