Help Baxter

Help Baxter

Baxter is 3 years old, a full time wheelchair user and is stuck in a council high rise on the 9th floor! Please help us get him a safe home

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £5,386 of £5,000 target with 155 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We reached our 5k target but are still nowhere near the amount needed to make a difference to Baxter's life. Please redirect to our relaunch on to help us secure him a safe, accessible home.

Thank You

Team Baxter


Team Baxter


Our wee pal Baxter

Baxter is 3 years old and has Spina Bifida, Scoliosis, Hydrocephalus and many other conditions that require round the clock care and equipment.

Baxter's life expectancy was horrifyingly short, he wasn't supposed to see months, let alone years. He is a miracle in so many ways.

In his 3 short years Baxter has had 20 general anaesthetics, for both surgeries and procedures. Emergency brain surgeries are included, which will always be on the cards due to one of his conditions. He is fed via a tube, although has recently started putting things in his mouth - yay!

Baxter was never supposed to talk but he doesn't like being told that he can't. He signed from a very early age and is now a real chatterbox - just ask mum :)

Although he's paralysed, Baxter is fiercly independent, you've never seen belly crawling like it. Once he was frustrated by crawling he progressed to a wheelchair ( check the link, it will astound you


As he's got bigger he's got a new heavier wheelchair - "big boy wheels"

Baxter's impediment

He and his family (of 5) are stuck in a 2 bedroom 9th floor council flat in a damp high rise, with malfunctioning lifts, and this is unacceptable. Living in a high rise as a wheelchair user can't be great at the best of times but imagine living in a high rise with no way of getting upstairs.

How can this be safe for a child in a wheelchair, and how this can be safe for mum who has two other children - one just days old? The lifts have broken down 8 times already this year and the thought of there being a medical emergency when this happens doesn't even bear thinking about.

And what happens in the event of a fire??? Who do the parents choose to take down first???

The family have been let down by their local authorities. All they ask for is safe, suitable, housing for Baxter yet in three years all efforts through official channels have gone nowhere.

Local support

We've had some publicity locally:

We are hoping to get more support in the coming weeks

Baxter's support network

Baxter's Mum is his full time carer and Dad takes on extra responsibilities as well as working full time. It's sad that such a hard working and wonderful family have this daily struggle. Baxter goes to nursery in Dyce and has an amazing team looking out for him. The school have adapted the building, hired trained staff and have also purchased equipment to help him thrive in his school environment. He also has countless friends in the area and is a well known face :)

What is the campaign trying to do?

We need to get Baxter get somewhere safe to live, it would make an amazing difference to his life.

We hope to raise enough money to help the family secure a safe, suitable, accessible home.

Please please pledge, share and let's make a difference.

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Exciting News!!!


#1 Bestseller Stuart MacBride donated a character to our campaign, which went up for auction Friday, 27 Febraury at Noon. The winning bidder Isla Anderson will become a character in Stuart's next Logan McRae book. The auction raised £1020 for Help Baxter!!!!!


Another great Scottish author donated a character to our campaign, which went up for auction Friday, 13th March. The winning bidder, Alan Harper, will become a character in Chris Brookmyre's next Jack Parlabane novel which is due for release January 2016. The auction raised £300 for Help Baxter but get this...Chris matched the winning bid and pledged £300 of his own money to the campaign. Awesome!  

Chris and Baxter 


 Authors rock!! 


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