Help AVP bring hope to vulnerable communities

by Alternatives to Violence Project in London, England, United Kingdom

Help AVP bring hope to vulnerable communities
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by Alternatives to Violence Project in London, England, United Kingdom


From Conflict to Understanding: help AVP bring hope

With Crisis comes Conflict.  

In this time of crisis - with increased stress, worry and hardship - conflict is inevitable.. but the distress, pain and mistrust, that so often accompany conflict, are not. Participants of AVP’s ‘Facing Up to Conflict’ workshops know that conflict, handled well, can bring about new understanding and new solutions to old problems.  Help us take this message of hope, and the practical skills that make it a reality, to everyone who needs us in this national emergency.

"If there is such a thing as a miraculous change, then I can truthfully say that it was through AVP that I began to grow from a person filled with hate, anger and despair into a person who believes that he too is responsible for the protection, enrichment and preservation of humanity."

Getting the Best from Conflict takes Skill

While almost every service and system in the country is being tested to the limit and families and individuals struggle with sudden and profound changes to their daily routine and sense of security, many people in all walks of life now need the skills that ‘Facing Up to Conflict’ offers.   

This presents AVP Britain with the challenge of a lifetime: if we are to be of use, we urgently need to take our workshops on-line so that they can continue to run during the lockdown and continue to offer the life-changing insights that we know make such a difference to real people.

Time to Step Up

Now meet Keely our new National Co-ordinator.  Keely was new in post in January and she has been like a breath of fresh air in the three months she has been with us.  Working only two days a week so far, because of limited resources, she’s begun the work of coordinating what happens in our regions into one united effort and at the same time she’s created and is implementing a funding plan to bring in the new resources AVP really needs.  Now Keely’s role is doubly urgent.  

Our volunteers do a sterling job in our regional committees and as facilitators of the workshops but we know that we need more; we need a safe pair of hands at a national level to see us through this challenging time.   Keely is that safe pair of hands and we need her experience now in the use of digital platforms to make this new leap into the online delivery of our ‘Facing Up to Conflict’ workshops.  

Beyond this crisis, we need her enthusiasm and vision to create exciting new partnerships and projects, and to forge AVPB into one truly joined-up organisation delivering an integrated programme of face-to-face workshops, on-line workshops, distance learning and after-care for all our participants.

Can You Help?

We have new applications to funders going out every week, but we need to know that we have the resources to keep AVP’s important work going through the Covid-19 crisis while long term funding is secured.   

We are appealing for your help.  Any support, no matter how small or how large - whether financial or by bringing this appeal to the attention of others - will make a huge difference.  It will allow us to reach out urgently to the people who will get the most from ‘Facing Up to Conflict’ in this incredibly difficult time.

Thank you,

From everyone at The Alternatives to Violence Project Britain

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