Helping anyone TRAVEL the world!

Helping anyone TRAVEL the world!

My name is Jo and all I want is to help people TRAVEL the world, especially those who never thought they could.

We did it!

On 8th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 28 days


My name is Jo - a few years ago I took a plunge and pooled all my savings into setting up an online Travel Content Website. Back then, people called it a blog. Today, I have worked so hard to build it up, that people ask me 'how big my team' is or 'who does my coding' - i have never touched one piece of code in my life, and i have run my site whilst having a full time job and more personal-difficulties than i could fit into a reality tv series. The reason im beginning with all this is to communicate one thing: my PASSION. My passion is: that whenever I believe in something (or someone) to make it work - to lift it up - to present it to the world - and to turn it into gold.

My passion today is to make Travel accessible for EVERYONE - the people who cant afford it, the people who dont have the courage, the people who dont have the knowledge, the people who never had anyone tell them: this world is mystical and beautiful and so so rich, lets go explore it! I am sick of seeing only celebrities, kardashians, rich kids of instagram, or bankers being able to afford to travel the world and buy their way into experiencing all it has to offer. I want ANYONE to know that they can.

As someone from a strict family background the ability to pack up and go exploring was so difficult: i would have to beg, plead, and convince. And if i came back from one trip and was itching to go away on another because once youve seen one corner of the world all you want is to discover a new one? Well i would be told i 'wanted too much' or 'wasnt realistic' and was 'wasting my money'. 

But travel is the only thing you buy, I believe, that makes you richer.

So why do i need your help? I want to set up a platform that enables people to take what little money they have and bid  the maximum which they feel they are able to pay on a holiday which may be worth much much more. Surely this will benefit the people with more money you ask? No. It will benefit the people who show tenacity and commitment: our platform will offer ways for people to earn credits which translate into purchasing power. So if I only have £50 to put down as a bid and the wealthier bloke beside me has £100, will he then win as the highest bidder for the 5* Trip to Marrakesh? Not necesaarily. I will set up a trading platform where these people can trade: skills, talent, hard work, products, experiences, everything you can think of in exchange for credits! Meaning: he who WANTS it more wins - not he who could always afford it anyway.

Please help me make this dream a reality - lets grow a global community of humans helping other humans see explore and experience this beautiful glowing globe of ours.

Thank you travelers :)

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