Help Ann to Work in Nature Again

by Wai Yi To in Hong Kong

Help Ann to Work in Nature Again
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Please help me to work in nature again. Even I cannot be in the field myself, I hope to be with nature in a laboratory!

by Wai Yi To in Hong Kong

Hi, I'm Wai Yi, aka Ann. I love nature, especially birds, since I was a child. I aimed to become an ecologist all along and I was able to complete my BSc in Conservation Biology in 2014, then worked in an environmental NGO in Hong Kong to work on conservation. I love my job and things have never been better back then. However, my legs started to have problem and became so painful that I had no choice but to quit the job that I loved in 2017. I have been through hard time since then as my mental condition got worst, and I became almost home-bound for a year. It is now better and I decide to get back in normal life and to pursue a Research Master (ResM). And again, I'm going to work on birds and conservation. Hoping even I cannot run around in the field myself in the future, I can be with nature in a laboratory as a researcher. A bit more about my legs condition, the doctors suggest I should not stand or walk for more than 3 hours a day, or the pain will be there for me. During the bad days, sometimes I even find standing for 5 minutes is as hard as climbing Himalayas. I used to go birdwatching at least once a week, now I only can do once a month. 

My parents say they will cover my tuition fee and living expenses, but both of them have been diagnosed with cancer and tumor very recently. So, I think I should get the money myself and they should save their money for medical use. I tried to apply for scholarships in both Hong Kong and UK, but none of them is a success.

I'm going to apply ResM study at University of Plymouth. The tuition fee is £15325, I'm aiming at  crowdfund 50% of the fee, and with 8% fee applied on this crowdfunding platform, the target of this crowdfunding is £8278. My research topic is migration date of migratory birds in Hong Kong and United Kingdom. This research is going to be desktop-based, I will obtain bird data from local bird clubs, ornithological societies or nature groups. Records of 34 summer visitor and 14 winter visitor bird species would be requested from over 30 bird clubs, ornithological societies or nature groups in United Kingdom. For Hong Kong, over 110 bird species would be investigated by using records from Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. The data would be from either existing records or historical data from annual bird report. First arrival date (FAD) and last date of departure (LDD) in each season would be determined from the records. In this research, migration data of common migrant bird species in HK and UK would be investigated to answer the following questions:

  • Have the migration has change in time? If so, how?
  • Is there anything in common for the species which have changed or have not changed their migration, such as migration distance, habitat, classification?
  • How weather and climate have affect migration?

No matter you are supporting myself or the study, I'm truly grateful for every single penny of donation, it means a lot for me than just a penny.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Journal Article PDF

A PDF version of the article publish in peer-reviewed journal, which the article is published base on this Master research (Please send me a message regarding your email address)

£50 or more

Master Thesis & Journal Article PDF

A PDF version of the master thesis and journal article (Please send me a message regarding your email address)

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Signed Master Thesis and Journal Article Hardcopy

A nicely printed and signed version of the master thesis and journal article. Look good on the bookshelf.

£1,000 or more

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One Day Tour in Plymouth Wilderness

A personal tour to take you to the wild place in Plymouth. Plus a signed hardcopy of the master thesis and journal article. This option will cover your bus fare within Plymouth during the tour. However, You will need to make your own way to Plymouth, UK. Tour date can be any date in May and June 2020.

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