Help Andi get mobile

Help Andi get mobile

To raise funds to allow Andi to purchase an off road mobility scooter with a garage.

We did it!

On 21st Sep 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 3 supporters in 28 days

After struggling with painful feet and back/hip aches for 9 years,  Andi was eventually diagnosed with severe arthritis. After three previous  diagnosed prognosis. It came as a relief to be finally told what the problem actually was and not what it may be. 

However he was not expecting to be told (at 52) that he needed an operation and may not be able to work again. The operation if successful would mean up to two years off work. The operation took place in September 2012 at Epsom.  A mid foot fusion involving removing the arthritic bone from the top of the left foot and replacing it with bone taken from the shin. If this worked then the right foot would be done.

Unfortunately after a few weeks it became obvious the operation had not worked.  If anything the paint was more severe. By this time the arthritis had spread to the lower back, hips, shoulders and hands. It became more and more difficult to walk more than a few mtrs without suffering and unable to stand without support.

Nearly 5 years down the line and the arthritis has progressed. Andi has a Rolator but rarely uses it as he  needs to sit and not be walking. He does have a small mobility scooter with tiny wheels and a 1 inch ground clearance however it is only suitable to use on the bus or to take in a car. It has very limited range and although it will go down the steep hill to town will not make it back up. 

After years having an active life managing golf club bars and restaurants and walking on days of, it has become hard to acclimatize to a sedentary life. Having recently moved to Dartmouth to retire he would love to be able to go out with his wife (Liz) and accompany her walking on footpaths, bridleways and unmettaled roads localy instead of waiting at home for her.

This could only be done with an offroad mobility scooter with large solid tyres specific for the purpose.  As there is no access to the back garden a secure purpose made garage would also be needed to house the scooter. 

Both the scooter and garage can be purchased for around 5-6k and upwards for better models.

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