CAR SALES invest and earn

Project by Krys Lenart
CAR SALES invest and earn

expanding business You earn 50% profit plus invested money back! Also 10% off my profit will be going to charity.

We did it!

On 31st Jan 2018 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

This project is to aim expansion of running car sales business.

We have been in industry for last  12 months. Started with repairing written off cars.

However this has turned out to be like a roulette.

We have since than managed to get in to trade auctions and since then successfully sourcing the cars for profit.

Also we have managed to secure deal with the dealership who can sell cars for us with financing and warranty sales facility.

In order to expand business we have come up with simple idea where we can buy more cars and  sell them with profit but at the same time we can return half of that profif to the people who will invest.

On top of that we are going to put 10% ofprofit to charity.

After  all we want to avoid tiying up with banks and repaying on monthly basis.

This will help cashflow and will let us concentrate purely on purchasing and selling for profit.

This is how it is going to work:

You invest your money(from £10-up) and for every £2500 fundraisde we buy a car from trade auctions.

So every c. £2500 its another car for sale.

After sale of the car- 50% of the profit (usually 10% of your money invested)+ your invested money can go back to you or you can opt out to reinvest this money in the next car.

Simple and beneficient idea for all parties involved.

Based on my experience, cars aged up to 10yrs and under 100k miles on the clock are most profitable.

Usually returning £500-1000  profit and this is based on my last 12 months in the industry.

If you have any questions or would simply like to have a word with me. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. 


Lenart Motors LTD

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