The £1 Dream

The £1 Dream

A lonely Grandmother is stranded and homeless thousands of miles from family.

We did it!

On 27th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 49 days

Project aim

A lonely Grandmother is stranded thousands of miles from any family.

About the project

The project is to bring a grandmother to her family where she can spend her final days around people who will love and care for her.

Cherren Andrews is a 66 year old woman in poor health isolated and alone.  Right now she is stranded homeless surviving in Oregon, she has no living relatives for thousands of miles. The only family she has all live in and around the Towcester Northamptonshire area of England. She has 4 adult Grandchildren, an Ex-daughter in law who still cares for her greatly and her son who would all have her in their home. If in a stable place her health would improve.

All her family work but are only making enough to survive not enough to save collectively to bring her over.

A few weeks ago she was living in her car after losing her job, but it fell into disrepair so she had to sell it.

Now this caring grandmother has no where to live, excpet with the family that loves her. I am her son and many years ago whilst I was serving in the Army I was widowed and this kind woman quit her job and left her home to look after her grandchildren when they lost thier mother, until I could return home.

I was working very hard to bring her home, but in July the company I worked for suddenly and without warning ended my job.

So her one hope was lost when that happened. I want to help her recover what's owed her, and bring her to live with us. Here she has 4 homes to go to.

If she remains homeless she will become more ill and the cold of winter would cause her further health problems.



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