Help Alexandria Continue her Studies at Guildhall!

Help Alexandria Continue her Studies at Guildhall!

To raise funds in order to further my education at Guildhall thanks to a last minute opportunity!

We did it!

On 22nd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £360 with 11 supporters in 14 days


To those who may not know me, I am an American student currently finishing up the Masters programme in Vocal Performance at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. During my last year in the programme, I spent the winter auditioning for many programmes within London, in the hopes of finding a way to stay and further my musical education in one of the most musical cities on Earth! At the time then, I was unsuccessful; however, within the last few days I have recently been given a last minute opportunity to stay at Guildhall and pursue their Artist Diploma programme for the next two years! 

However, the costs regarding this extrodinary oppurtunity is quite high. Because of such a late offer, and lack of scholarship availability, it is being asked that if I want to take the space on the programme, I only have until the 15th of July to come up with £2150. Only a week!

For me, this is a true hurdle. I am a self-funded individual, with a lack of available resources in regards to receiving funding, especially in so short of time. While I will have to consider funding to pay for the course as well, the most immediate mountain to climb is making sure that I can secure the space on the course, so that they can start the work of helping me with the visa process as well, hence the limited time-line.

This truly is a wonderful opportunity! With the ability to stay at Guildhall, I will be able to continue the work I've started with the same teachers, as well as having the availabilty of using the resources at the school such as the library and the practice rooms. Not to mention the continued opportunity to perform in recitals and concerts in venues like the Barbican!

Crowdfunding is the only way I will be able to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity a reality, so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for considering, and potentially donating to my cause! 

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