Help Albus move to his forever home!

Help Albus move to his forever home!

To raise £297.00 for Albus, the street kitten of Kosice, to reach his forever home in Wales!

We did it!

On 2nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £65 with 5 supporters in 28 days

In february this year Albus was rescued by the Cat charity of Kosice from the streets and brought to student dorms to be fostered until he could find a loving home.

He had chlamydia, runny swollen eyes, worms and was dirty and dishevelled. A real sorry sight!

His history was unclear, he had been abused and had lived on the streets and was in desperate need of love and affection.

Then he met Charlie, the vet student adamant not to have a foster kitten. At first he was a little apprehensive, but within 24 hours he was willing to be cuddled and kissed.

Although he'd struggle with his daily medication (eye drops are the worst) he and Charlie soon became inseperable; so much so Charlie has decided to adopt him!

However to get Albus back to the UK it's going to cost £297.00 (this covers border control, ferry to England, bridge crossing to Wales - fixed price by UK Express) - something which on a student budget just isn't possible.

Help Charlie get her handsome little man to Wales, where he can spend his days playing with her other charity cats knowing he'll be forever loved (and no longer chewing Charlie's important revision notes)!

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