Help Aislin Go To Drama School

by Aislin in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Aislin Go To Drama School
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On 9th August 2019 we successfully raised £550 with 19 supporters in 28 days

To make possible my heart's calling of going to drama school by easing the financial burden of the course fees

by Aislin in London, England, United Kingdom

Reader, I got into drama school. And now I'm asking for some help.

Musical Theatre is the only thing I've truly wanted to do since I discovered The Phantom of the Opera at 15 years old. It's also the only thing that makes me feel like a normal, joy-experiencing human in the midst of chronic depression and anxiety. Whilst in secondary school I took every opportunity I had to perform in school productions but put my dreams of drama school out of my mind due to rock-bottom self esteem and the perceived impossibility of winning a place. 

Almost a decade later, I've let the dreams back in. I bought myself a beginners' Musical Theatre course as a new year's gift, just to see where it led. It led to home, and friends, and validation, and a sense of belonging I've been searching for for years. It led to me getting a place on a foundation course at Arts Ed - a London drama school whose website was open in a tab almost permanently whilst I was in sixth form just so I could gaze at it and dream.

The only thing standing in my way is the course fee of £3350. I intend to cover as much as I can, but living in London on an entry-level wage leaves me so little left at the end of the month. So I'm summoning my gumption and asking if you'd like to help a little pixie-ish young woman sing and dance and act for a year. 

I've opted for a moderate target of £500 but anything given however small will go directly towards the course fee and will matter immensely to me. I'll be forever in your gratitude. Does this sound too mushy??? I really really really want to go to drama school, pals! I'm so excited and proud of myself!! Please chuck in some electronic change if you are able. I'll pay you back in show tickets when I'm famous I promise.



*for info, it is this course that I have a place on. It allows me to keep working whilst I train, which is the only viable option for me!*

*in the absolutely wild event that more money than the fees needed is raised, I'll use the extra for additional classes/training*

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