Help Adrian

Help Adrian

To raise funds to pay for life rescue portable device for little boy in orphanage in Poland.

We did it!

On 4th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £80 with 4 supporters in 49 days


My name is Marcin 

I would like to raise some money for one of the children living in an orphanage in Poland, in Gniew.

His name is Adrian, he is 4 years old and he has been abandoned by his birth parents. He was born with a heart condition and requires an operation called the Fontan procedure. In addition to that he needs a special portable device that allows testing of PT/INR at home - this shows a measure of how long it takes for blood to clot.

Having this device will allow him to spend more time at home, with his adoptive family, instead of being in and out of the hospital.

In December I will run the half marathon in Milton Keynes to raise funds for this boy. I will be more than happy to see you on 10 of December on the track cheering me up.

I would like to ask for your help in raising this money, any amount will be much appreciated.

Together we can help a young and innocent little boy have a chance at the normal life that he deserves.

In order for you to understand what Adrian is going through I have put together some details regarding his condition and the operation he will have to undergo:

The Fontan procedure is used in pediatric patients who possess only a single functional ventricle, either due to lack of a heart valve, an abnormality of the pumping ability of the heart, or a complex congenital heart disease where a bi-ventricular repair is impossible or inadvisable. The single ventricle is doing nearly twice the expected amount of work because it has to pump blood for the body and lungs. Patients typically present as neonates with cyanosis or congestive heart failure. Fontan completion is usually carried out when the patient is 2–5 years of age, but is also performed before 2 years of age.

After Fontan completion, blood must flow through the lungs without being pumped by the heart. Therefore, children with high pulmonary vascular resistance may not tolerate this procedure. Often, cardiac catheterization is performed to check the resistance before proceeding with the surgery. This is also the reason a Fontan procedure cannot be done immediately after birth; the pulmonary vascular resistance is high in utero and takes months to drop.

The Fontan is usually done as a two staged repair.

In the short term, children can have trouble with fluid building up around the lungs. This can require a longer stay in the hospital for drainage with chest tubes. To address this risk, some surgeons make a fenestration from the venous circulation into the atrium. When the pressure in the veins is high, some of the oxygen-poor blood can escape through the fenestration to relieve the pressure. However, this results in hypoxia, so the fenestration may eventually need to be closed by an interventional cardiologist.

The Fontan procedure is a short term solution — it will not heal his condition — but in many cases it can result in normal or near-normal growth, development, exercise tolerance, and good quality of life. However, in 20-30% cases, patients will eventually require heart transplantation and given the long-term consequences of chronic venous hypertension and insidious organ damage, freedom from morbidity is unlikely in the long term.

Thank you very much,

Marcin Bogdan

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