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Raising funds for new filmmaking and editing equipment.

by Adam Stevens Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

My Story
1600622252_mystory.pngI've been a freelance videographer and editor since August of last year. I figured it would take 6 months to really get the ball rolling, and for a minute I wasn't far off. Heading into March, I had very promising shoots coming up with some global brands - It was really going to put me on the map.

Unfortunately, lockdown changed everything. Worse still, as a new business, I wasn't eligible for any government support.

In a single day, all my upcoming shoots were cancelled, and a month that was looking promising ended up looking like another where I was going to struggle to get the bills covered. While businesses were deciding how their promotions were going to change, they stopped replying to emails. Lockdown, then social distancing, meant they stopped running shoots at all.

I needed to pivot to survive.

1600622299_mywork.pngEmbracing motion graphics and animation meant I was able to work creating Instagram and YouTube videos for smaller brands. It was a lifesaver. Here are some examples of the work I was doing:

1600622318_mygoals.pngI'm now looking to head into this brave new world of post-Covid with new kit to regain the steps I lost. I'm hoping you can help me get there. I desperately need to upgrade my computer so I can keep up my animation and motion graphics, as well as some funding towards a higher quality camera and lenses so I can compete with the sleeping giants that have been able to use government assistance during lockdown.

Thanks for reading!

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For £500 I'll film and edit a short video of your choice over 48 hours. Whether it's a music video, a short film, a YouTube video or even branded content. Get in touch so we can talk about it further!

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