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by AAA Motorcycle Training Ltd in Littleport, England, United Kingdom


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Providing free motorcycle training for NHS and Essential workers who have supported the community through the covid19 crisis.

by AAA Motorcycle Training Ltd in Littleport, England, United Kingdom

Dwarves and dressage riders!

A fantastic write up of the weekend antics, as penned by Sally Tees Prior, tune in later for the latest antics... ..

 Today on the road Ermentrude encountered a group of dwarves, the were carrying welding equipment which caused a shiver of excitement to run down the spine of her rider for many reasons all of them wrong. 

 Fuzzbert went through a puddle and melted, not being one to give up her rider engaged the waterproof button and miraculously Fuzzbert’s plastic armour slipped into place encasing both bike and rider in a waterproof bubble thereby ensuring her delicate rider stayed dry and toasty for the rest of the day. 

 Optimus stepped up to the plate took control in the way true leaders do..... resembling Churchill in leathers she cruised the highways of Cambridgeshire delivering medication with skill, aplomb and encouraging words, marshalling the troops and rallying the community.

 At Operation Control Sam was running the show with the skill and dexterity of a dressage rider, carefully picking her way through the calls, requests and emails whilst soothing the ruffled feathers and egos of certain surgeries and dispensary with the tact of a UN peace negotiator.

 And as for Bumblebee..... well when not in bed or breaking down, he put his ID through a wash cycle by leaving it in his jeans pocket...... tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of Heroes in Helmets.....

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