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by AAA Motorcycle Training Ltd in Littleport, England, United Kingdom


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Providing free motorcycle training for NHS and Essential workers who have supported the community through the covid19 crisis.

by AAA Motorcycle Training Ltd in Littleport, England, United Kingdom

Free courses now being provided!

What began as a project to try and save our company but, also wanting to help others has now resulted in free courses being provided by YOU.

Each donation directly goes to funding a free course for an NHS worker or an Key Worker.

Our Instructors are providing the training for these staff entirely on a voluntary basis - which means the money that you donate directly helps keep the company afloat and helps us secure their futures once this pandemic eases.

At the end of yesterday we had enough funds for 2 x NHS workers to receive their CBT training totally FREE and a KEY worker to receive their CBT totally free.

A Key worker contacted us this morning and thanks to the following donations we were able to inform them that their course would be entirely FREE so thankyou to everyone here!

Stephen Clark  Taryn Jane  Linda Homan  Oliver Squires  Phil Kennerson  Julian Geraghty  Derek Wright

Each donation (unless specified where it is going to by the doner) will be put into a pool by AAA who will then release a free CBT for a key worker each time the sum of £118 is reached - we have discounted the cost of the key worker CBTS to match that of the NHS workers at this time.

Our company is fighting for survival but these people are fighting for the country, they are some of the lowest paid and until now most underappreciated members of the workforce and this is our way of saying thankyou.  Thankyou for helping us give them something real.

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