Help a struggling Artist with community work

Help a struggling Artist with community work

Unity, Arts, Fitness and Community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Not about me, or just for me or just my idea. 

see the example, community for community, in unity. 

Donating to this changes more in your Area then registering to an institution that does not care about you or your Community Unity. 

What you focus on gets your energy. 

Hear for yourself 3 exepts from a Local judge on the case.

The specifics of what we address,

What does the land need?

What does the wildlife need?

What do the people need?

What is available?

The How with our intention is where the difference is.

Geometric landscaping, sourcing with arboriculture and tending to with permaculture, specialised mineral materials such as shungite to protect natural pollenating insects.

Strong links to community based, sourced professionals in every field, exercise, entertainments, nutrition, landscaping, including the main charitable organisations? 

Using these connections to provide trained enrichment teams to build up and support each area of land for its specific use?

with this money-

  • nutrition for the community proven to get people off of alcohol and drugs
  • a dojo can be built to provide martial arts to the community
  • many arts events including music, circus and martial arts will happen
  • conservation work protecting nature, providing landscaping of land and food for many wild creatures.

Building free spaces for arts and community work, as you may be aware, there are many memebers of the homeless that have been staying rough on the cliffs area.

I recently have been in court to support the local homeless from being thrown into a further state of vulnerablility,

Whilst at the same time looking to build up myself again in my artistry, performing music on the streets, being a member of a martial arts team, working on abandoned spaces. 

Working to build on abandonded spaces and make them safe for community and arts use, giving the homeless a way to get out of old habits and to employ their talents. One for example is ready with his electricians business, another is a clay worker and others are ready to support many different causes.  

The money will be donated entirely to a community team looking to provide many different arts and nutrition servces for the town, then secondly to fund materials needed to further build on these spaces. 

Now with the support of a county judge, the council have been pushed and suggested to that they should work with us to provide the services I have listed.

Quote from the hearing.

"it is clear that vulnerable people of southend require help"

preventing things like this happening :

This has been the efforts of others and myself now I am asking for your help. 

"spare a little change and it will come right back to you"

"it is not just charity, it is charity investment to seeing this town change in a new way"

"community in unity, for real"

I have been performing on the streets to raise interest and funds and this will be the follow on interest to help the cause further. 

Spare a little change and it will come right back to you!

You will be helping the homeless, the youth and the artists of Southend to be able to come together for one of the towns most interesting underground projects; one that ties together in unity the community, artistic development and also fitness/nutrition. 

To donate directly or For more information please call 07432750954

The cliff gardens have become a space of training that has drawn in many from different styles of classes not only martial arts; football groups, womens groups, charity groups and those who are well-being conscious from the community.

Which has increased over the last two years of our operation.

The spaces have also become known for performing arts uses where classes have taken place, drum groups have attended and music videos have been shot. We are deeply embedded in the music and a performing arts network that spans across the best tourist attractions and young talent of the town.

Through direct interaction we have worked to better families and animals, also offered many opportunities for the homeless and vulnerable in town to become better in their well-being.

This includes one man that struggles with alcoholism to replace his alcohol habit with tea to the point where he was able to finally be clear in a Breathalyzer.

Providing vegan meals, vegan desserts together with essential oils and specialist teas to those with diabetes, cancer and ibs to better their treatment and enlighten their situation.

Training with the aim to develop families and bring them together in wellbeing; brightening there future.

Showing respect and honour to those who are in protection of the town, from the street rangers to the community support to the police, this is about Unity of community. 

Helping animals and birds find shelter and rescue caring in a way that astounded an agent of the rspca.

Allowing vulnerable and needy to move out of any unhappy or vulnerable position is part of the main public interest in this case.

Others and myself have acted on behalf of the community outreach, invested in and worked with great effort on the safe management of abandoned natural spaces including servicing not only the a spectrum of tourist avenues in the town but also the direct care needs of the community.

The tourist aspect of this includes, unique high class vegan sports nutrition which comes with a unique form of taught martial arts that focuses on tranquility, community and unity which has already shown to increase the amount of training and exercise amongst the cliffs area.

Trees are "green in" may, are they not?

What kind of parties do you want?

How about donating to the community? 

Not authoritative directives for financial purpose that say you have to pay them and then spend your council tax on court cases to move around the homeless. 

Community in Unity. Please donate.