Help a pregnant painter who has been wronged!!

Help a pregnant painter who has been wronged!!

A newly pregnant, beautiful festival face painter has had all her equipment worth £1k completely destroyed at a festival. Let's help her!

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Project aim

A newly pregnant, beautiful festival face painter has had all her equipment worth £1k completely destroyed. Let's help her!!

About the project

Georgia Wheeler is a newly pregnant, beautiful soul who works full time as an NHS nurse and uses her spare time to adorn many smiling faces with her stunning creations under the brand Happy Canvas at parties and festivals. 

I invited her to run her face painting set up at a festival we were helping out with last week.

Someone broke into our tent, found Georgia's stash and COMPLETELY DECIMATED her stock of glitters, paints, brushes, and the custom-made eyelashes she makes painstakingly by hand. All of this has a monetary value of about £1000, and has taken her YEARS of painstaking effort to collect. 

She got engaged on Saturday night at Secret Garden, which is a beautiful thing in itself, BUT it doesn't take away from the fact that they are going to have to save their resources to support their new little baby boy (recent gender scan ^__^) in a few months time. Here is a picture of the happy couple. 

GEORGIA NOT BEING ABLE TO PAINT FACES IS A CRIME. I understand there are so many more important and terrible causes in the world, but this is more than just a call to replenish the stocks of a talented facepainter. This is a stand AGAINST vandalism, AGAINST the stamping out of stunning creativity by mindless miscreants, and AGAINST the diminishing financial flow to the arts in this very country!!! This is a stand FOR a beautiful, soon-to-be mother who has only ever wanted to splash joy all over people's faces with her beautiful art.

Let's help this lovely lady out!!!!!!! Just chuck in whatever you feel, whatever we raise will be better than nothing. 


£1000 is a very conservative estimate of what was taking or destroyed from my kit at SGP. 

This is just roughly, from the top of my head what I know was taken or destroyed. (there is definitely a lot more).
I'll start with my case of brushes which disappeared.
Round brushes sizes 1-6 approx 4 of each size costing at least £4 a piece £100
3 1/2 inch flat and 5 3/4 inch flat brush £7 each £56
3 chistle brushes £15
Flat shader brush £5
Liner brush * 2 £10
2 petal brushes £14
Fan brush £5
Brush holder £20
So so far that's £225 in brushes alone ( again this is a VERY conservative est.)

A bag of 30 professional makeup sponges and case costing £1 each £30

Along with that my tall table was ruined £50

Good quality Cosmetic glitter costs around £5 for a small pot. Roughly 8 small pots and 2 £10 large pots where opened and poured all over my kit. Ruining most of my paint. That's another £60 for the lost glitter.

My stand display items where taken ( God knows why?!) they cost about 15 quid.

A face painting sign I made by hand out of cardboard letters and spray paint destroyed (cost me around £40 to make as well as my time and effort)

Around 6 bottles of glitter gel and glue price ranging from £5-£10 each say £40

200glitter tattoo stencils where either taken or stuck/thrown around the RS tent. As well as the specialist glue. They cost 40p each. £100.

My WHOLE supply of metallic tattoos was either taken or destroyed by the mud by being pulled out of their packet. Approx £90 worth.

More than 80 pairs of hand embellished eyelashes where either thrown around in the mud and destroyed. That's £800 worth as I sell them for £10 a pair. And around £300 worth or supplies. It's not the money that bothers me with this. It's the fact that it takes me 20-30 minutes to sit their and painstakingly make each pair. That's 2000 minutes or almost a week full time. Considering I already work as an intensive care nurse full time, you can understand how it took me 5+ weeks to make that amount of lashes.

That's literally the bare minimum of what was taken or ruined. I could go on and that alone amounts to £1450 and I haven't even talked AT ALL about my actual paint supply. Professional face paint costs between £5-£15 a cake. I'm guessing I have at least £1000 worth of paint on its own in my kit. I am very lucky that most of this was just a bit ruined by the glitter that was thrown over it. Only a few cakes where taken as far as I can tell.

I supplement my pitiful nursing income with painting at kids parties and festival and it's my passion. Without any brushes I can't do this, until they are replaced. If you want a price reference for professional supplies look

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