Help a lady restore her faith in people

by Channa Mallawaratchi in Jaywick, England, United Kingdom

Help a lady restore her faith in people
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To help a victim of employee dishonesty to regain what they lost

by Channa Mallawaratchi in Jaywick, England, United Kingdom

I am raising funds for a lady who inspires me. Let me give you some background to this person.....

She came over to the UK in the late 60's wanting to further her career. This person worked hard in her life here. She worked as an aupair, a secretary, a receptionist, a Partner in a restuarant business and also a shop owner.

This person is kind, selfless, driven, one of the most inspiring people I know. The reason for this is because despite the above, she has been a victim of employee dishonesty. In 2017, an employee of hers at the time defrauded her of £45,000. This person did this through having her account card for her Booker account. So everytime he went on her behalf to purchase goods. He helped himself to goods which were either consumed by, or sold on for a profit. I have yet to mention that the person that did this, offered to help with the shopping for her business just before her husband passed away from stage 4 cancer. So as you can understand, this horrific amount of money being stolen was pre-meditated, cruel, nasty and heartless.

The case against this former employee has now concluded. Though this person was sentenced to prison as a result of their actions, the victim has not been awarded any compensation or damages for her ordeal. I'm keeping this as brief as possible so do bear with me. It has taken much consideration to even set this page up. The lady in question would never want to burden anyone with this scenario. I feel that however, after years of giving to our country and her community, it is time for her to receive something back.

.....So this lovely lady in question is my mother, and I can't express how proud of her I am for dealing with a system that has failed her in the overall larger picture because the perpetrator has been given time but no order has been given for him to pay my mum back. Though this person is sentenced and locked away, she is expected to continue to struggle running the business. It's just not fair. I know there are other people out there with problems and things which I can't possible imagine. Me and my mum have our health and I am truly thankful for that. I would just like a little help from people to make her smile again - the same smile she had back when the world was a little less cruel to her

If you can help my mum in any way, please donate to this page. Someone just mentioned a Crowd fund page to me today which has prompted me to set this up after much debate. I know it's a massive target but anything I can get for her will help her. It will help her to get things together again financially with less worry and less headache.

Despite what  has happened to my mother, she still gets up every day to run her shop, with a smile. She does this 7 days a week, 364 days of the year (the only day she ever takes off is Christmas day) and this has been the case for as long as I can remember. The shop has been running for over 10 years.

Some horrible people in this world have dimmed my mums glow over the years.... it has really wore her down. Help her to get this glow back. She really deserves to be happy. 

Dominique Mallawaratchi - owner and proprietor of Broadway convenience in Jaywick, Clacton on sea

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