help a daddy see his daughter

by simon adams in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

help a daddy see his daughter
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I am trying to raise funds for legal costs to get access to my 7 month old daughter

by simon adams in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

ood afternoon everyone, unfortunatly i have been denied access to my daughter who is 7 months old, i miss her very much and have started court proccedings, i am a loving, caring father, i am hard working and a good man, i am asking for help with the legal costs as i cannot afford a solicitor after paying out my bills and the cost of running a home. i am missing out on all of her firsts and it is very upsetting that she doesnt have a loving and caring father in her life. Any help would be greatly appreciated to reunite me and my daughter. i am working all of the extra shifts i can and also picking up extra work wherever possible to get the funds together as soon as possible. thank you

simon adams

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