Help a Dad restart his Career

Help a Dad restart his Career

A Scooter/Moped to get me to and from my place of education

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ill try keep this short so you have enough energy to still send some money my way ;) Cheeky intro I know.

My name is Paul and many years ago I was a professional actor gaining my Degree in Theatre & Performance. By 21 I had been in two feature films, done a UK panto tour, been in many theatre shows, done some training in LA and started to become a singer. I was doing well indeed.

Unfortunately my eldest son Kal started to have profound issues and today he is classed as serverly disabled, in fact is on a end of life plan which at the time made me decide that my career wasn't able to continue, I couldn't leave him and my partner for sometimes months. For me it was retirement from my passion. 

9 years have passed, I'm 30, got married and had two more beautiful boys. As a family we are very happy and my eldest boy is stable. So we had a chat and decided this is the time I take the leap back to my love of performing. My wife was the one who really pushed me to go and continue my dream, she is amazing and only with her at home am I able to do this.

so I went for my audition at ALRA Drama school for a Masters in Professional Acting and I got in!!! So 15months from September 17 I'll be leaving with a MA and possibly a agent to help me get my career flying.

So what's the money for........Simply it's for me to get a Scooter to get me to and from my course for the 15months. Our car is a disabled car for my son and my wife will need this to take him hospital, appointments etc.. A scooter is so sensible with super low tax, insurance and it's petrol.

I hope this project is of interest to you but also inspires you to not let your dream go im not 30 and picking up where I left off. It's incredible.

thanks for reading

Paul x