Help a child in care write her inspiring story

Help a child in care write her inspiring story

Everyone tells me to write a book to encourage others. My story is raw and inspirational. At eight years old I had my innocence ripped away

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

She held my wrists tightly. Her eager claws holding me down while she sprayed me with her laughter. He breathed of garlic and I counted while he ripped my innocence as if I was nothing.

I waited for superman to come. Any second, like in the films. But no-one comes. At eight I was raped. I didn't call for mum. Because she was already there laughing while she held my wrists.

What do you do when Your Own mother shows evil cruelty? She abducted me from my care home because she wanted to play.

This is my story. How I died that night but how I slowly came back from the horrors that stalked my early life.

It helps to exorcise the demons that should have protected a child. This is a voice for all children who need the courage to speak out. Walk with me and let's inspire children to live after abuse.

No-ones comes. You have to find Your own hope in the darkness.

Help me get this book published.