Help Mohammed to get his work back .

by Mohammed Alhafez in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Help Mohammed to get his work back .
We did it
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Help Mohammed to renew his work permit in Turkey so he can work again and support himself and his family.

by Mohammed Alhafez in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Mohammed is a 20 years old young man. He has a passion for art and photography. In 2014 he fled his home city of Damascus as the Syrian War engulfed the region and he refused to join the army and take part in killing his own people .

After relocating to Turkey, Mohammed wanted to highlight in his art the stories of those fleeing the violence and bloodshed of the war, but unfortunately Mohammed couldn't follow his passion or proceed his dream , he couldn't even enrol in school in Turkey, as he has to provide for himself and also for the rest his family who couldn't escape the horrific soul-wrenching war in Syria.

Their house got destroyed , sadly his mother and one of his brothers passed away and his father got injured so badly that he couldn't support his other 2 kids,

Despite the overwhelming circumstances Mohammed managed to learn the Turkish language through YouTube videos and started working in a barbershop, Mohammed has to work 14 hours a day everyday which is barely enough to cover the rent and life expenses for him in Turkey and his family in Syria.
However the worst of all is yet to come . Mohammed is facing deportation by the Turkish government now because his work permit/visa has expired so he can't work any more and he even can't afford renewing and, he is already in much debt and certainly he can't go back to Syria .

The money collected will be used to renew Mohammed's work permit, it approximately costs between $1000-$1200, pay the rent for his studio flat in Turkey and the house where his family lives in Syria and to buy school supplies for Mohammed's other two siblings as school is about to start in Syria.

This case means alot to me because I have been in this situation before, I know how hard it is to feel helpless, incapable and weak .
I am grateful for all the people who helped me to improve my circumstances, so I would like to thank you all in advance for you kindness, generous donations and support and I am hoping we can do the same to Mohammed, one pound can make a difference; even if you can't donate I would really appreciate it if you help me spread the word out, you can copy the link to any of your social media accounts.
Thank you very much again and bless you all.

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