Hells Paradise: Animated Music Video

Hells Paradise: Animated Music Video

Create an animated music video for my next single release 'Hells Paradise' which raises awareness of mental health.

We did it!

On 15th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £780 with 23 supporters in 28 days

A Little bit about MORGAN

MORGAN is a London-based independent singer/songwriter. Her music is sensual, heart-felt, emotional and a little intense. Influenced by the occult and astrology, MORGANs work is a deep reflection of a dark and troubled mind. She began recording music in 2013, however, feeling like it hadn’t reached its full potential, she sought out producer Steven Cowley (who’s worked with the likes of the Lana Del Rey and Charlotte OC) and together they perfected the sultry, blues-ridden, aloof sound of debut single ‘Alone’. Premiered on KALTBLUT Magazine, ‘Alone’ was also picked out as Witchezz Brew’s ‘Magic Music Track’ on Represent Radio. Anima, her second single, was also produced by Steven Cowley you can listen to both here; https://soundcloud.com/shethethrone

So this where you guys come in...

I need your help with funding the animated music video!

A little bit about why I'm doing an animated video

I wrote 'Hells Paradise' a few years ago when I first got back into song writing. The song was written during a dark period in my life when I was battling with my demons. The animation follows a female character who goes through a cyclic journey to represent her being stuck in her own thoughts; in the end she finds enlightenment and uses the dark period as fuel to keep on going in life. So the point of the music video is to raise awareness of Mental health. Your contribution will go towards making a music video that is a creative way of informing and normalising the often dark cycles we go through in life. We can all help to play a part in removing the stigma associated with mental health. 

For this project, I have chosen a female animator, Valentina Grasso. Not only does Valentina share the same passion as I do but we also want to team up together in order to address the lack of women in creative industries. 

I am immensely grateful for any amount you guys could pledge towards this video. 

Thank you


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